Delayed Bag Fee Rebate

For those customers who paid for a first or second bag, you may be eligible for a rebate in the form of an electronic travel voucher (ETCV) in the event that you do not receive your bag within the first 12 hours from reported delay.

To be eligible for this rebate, you must have paid for your first and/or second bag. Excess bags (more than 2) and overweight/oversize or specialty items (antlers/bikes/scuba gear/surfboards/windsurfing boards) are not eligible for compensation via this rebate. Rebates will be sent to you via email only and you must apply using the online application form. Rebate is in the form of a $25 or $50 electronic travel voucher that can be used for future ticketing on Delta Air Lines. Simply complete the form below to request your rebate.

Reimbursement Information

$25 ETCV if the first bag fee paid and 1 bag is missing; $50 ETCV if second bag fee is paid and 2 bags are missing (maximum of of $50 rebate per passenger).

Step 1 | Contact Information


Step 2 | Delayed Bag Information

(Located on front of baggage information folder given by the Delta Agent. Example: ATLDL12345)
Bag Tag Number (if available)

Step 3 | Flight Information

If multiple flights, enter only the information for your last flight.

Select Date must be in mm/dd/yyyy format

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