Checked Baggage
Previous Checked Baggage Fees

We want to make sure you understand baggage fees, since you're subject to the published fees at the time of your ticket purchase. If you purchased tickets prior to the effective date of our current standard checked baggage fees , the fees may differ.

The fees that apply for checking up to two bags that meet our standard checked baggage guidelines are based on:

  • Where you are traveling
  • When you bought your ticket

Select passengers and customers may receive additional free checked baggage:

  • Delta One®, Delta Premium Select, First and Business Class passengers
  • SkyMiles Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver Medallion® Members
  • Active-duty U.S. military members traveling on orders


Geographical region
Ticket Purchase Date
Fees (each way)
Transpacific (excluding Australia, New Zealand, China, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea)
Ticketing before October 21st, 2022
Main Cabin: 2nd bag fee: $100

Latin America and Caribbean

Latin America and Caribbean section
Geographical region
Ticket Purchase Date
Fees (each way)
Latin America
Ticketing before July 2021
Main Cabin Medallions allowance: 2 free bags to 1 free bag in markets with a 0 Main Cabin allowance
Ticketing before May 27th, 2022

Increased fees for the 2nd bag from $40 to $60 for to/from US/CA/MX to Bahamas (excluding NAS).

Increased fees for the 3rd bag from $150 to $200to/from US/CA/MX to the Bahamas (ELH,GGT,MHH and NAS)

All Other International Destinations

For all other destinations not specified above, our current checked baggage fees apply for all ticket purchase dates.

Remember that additional fees may apply if you check more than two bags or if your checked bags exceed our size and weight restrictions.

 1CAD amounts will be charged for other itineraries originating in Canada.