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Below find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions our customers have when planning for travel. We listen to your feedback and are continually improving to better support your travel needs. If you don’t see the answer to your travel planning question, please provide feedback at the bottom of the page.
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Travel Flexibility

Change & Cancel

How does Delta’s change policy impact my current ticket and the changing of my origin or destination?

Enjoy more peace of mind with no change fees when you purchase a Main Cabin or above ticket on flights originating from the United States, Canada, or the Caribbean. For tickets where travel begins outside of these regions, change and cancel fees may apply depending on your origin location and type of ticket.

When changing your ticket, sometimes your new flight may cost more than your original flight. If this happens, you will need to pay the difference in price. In cases where the price of your new flight is less than the original price or if you choose to cancel your flight before departure, you will receive an eCredit for the difference between the price of your original ticket and the price of your new ticket.

As a reminder, Basic Economy tickets cannot be changed in most cases. You may cancel before departure for a cancellation charge which is deducted from the value of your ticket and the remaining value will be issued as an eCredit to use toward a future Delta ticket.

Visit My Trips or the Fly Delta app to make your changes.

Travel Flexibility

eCredits & Refunds

Can I request a refund if there is a significant delay, cancellation or schedule change by Delta?

In keeping with our longstanding policy, we will first attempt to rebook you on a new flight if your current flight is canceled, significantly delayed (> 120 minutes) or impacted by a qualifying significant schedule change.

If we cannot find an alternate flight for you and we cancel your ticket, or you choose to cancel the new flight you have been rebooked on, you have the following options:

  • Receive an eCredit for the value of the ticket, seat upgrade or Preferred Seat
  • Adjust your itinerary in My Trips; or
  • Request a refund to your original form of payment once your ticket is canceled

What if I paid for my original trip with miles or used a Companion Certificate from my eligible Delta SkyMiles American Express Card?

The same rules apply whether a flight is booked with cash, miles or using a Companion Certificate.

If you choose to cancel your unused ticket, your Companion Certificate is eligible to be used again and taxes are refunded.

To cancel your trip and use your Companion Certificate for a future booking, please visit My Trips for your quickest service option. If you cannot complete your request in My Trips, visit the Help Center for assistance.

Where do I go to review and redeem my eCredit value?

Visit where you’ll be able to verify your eCredit value, expiration date and redeem online for future travel.

Review our how-to page for tips on managing eCredits.

Safer Travel 

Plane Cleanliness & Trip Protection

How is Delta cleaning its aircraft?
Cleaning crews perform extensive manual cleaning procedures to wipe down cabin surfaces including seats, consoles, seatback screens, windows, doors, lavatories and other high-touch areas of the cabin.

Why should I add Allianz® Trip Protection to my flight at checkout?
Get cash back for covered trip cancellations and interruptions, emergency medical costs, lost or damaged luggage, and more. Certain, limited-time claim accommodations are also being made, such as if you get sick with COVID-19 and can’t fly. Already booked your flight? You may still be able to protect your trip on your MyTrips page. Terms apply; coverage may vary in some countries or regions.

Destinations & Travel Restrictions

What should I do if I need a passport or need to renew my passport? 

If you are a U.S. citizen who has reviewed all required travel documents and determined you need to receive or renew your passport ahead of international travel, please visit the U.S. Department of State’s travel website to fill out the necessary forms. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time as passport processing often takes several months and could take longer during peak travel periods. Processing is often 10 weeks for routine requests and 6 weeks for expedited service. 

In addition to needing a passport for international travel, some countries have also imposed temporary health-related entry requirements. To find out more about your destination's health requirements, please use our interactive map.

Why is Delta making adjustments to my  flight schedule?
Travel itineraries are adjusted based on a range of factors, such as needing to better accommodate flight routes and demand, arrival and departure times and changes to aircraft types. These normal adjustments are referred to as schedule changes and allow us to better operate to meet customer needs.

How do I know if there are travel requirements for my trip?

We want you to arrive prepared, so please visit the Delta Discover Map to learn about potential travel requirements for a trip you are planning or have booked. The information is up-to-date and personalized based on your specific circumstances.  Entry and exit requirements are imposed by governments and may change before departure, so please be sure to check back close to your intended travel dates for the latest requirements.

Also, if you book an international flight, your trip may be eligible for Delta FlyReadySM which makes managing travel requirements faster and easier by guiding you through the process.

Can minors and unaccompanied minors (UMNRs) travel internationally at this time?
Yes.  International UMNR travel has resumed. However, there are some restrictions on travel based on individual country requirements or travel on other airlines.  Contact Reservations at 800-325-8847 for more detail related to international travel for UMNRs.

Can minors and UMNRs travel domestically at this time?
Yes, minors are free to travel on all domestic flights.

What are the travel requirements for entry into the United States from a foreign destination?

All travelers must provide a valid passport, proper visa documentation (if required) and contact tracing information when entering or connecting through the U.S.

Review full requirements and exceptions

Travel Flexibility

Partner Airlines & Travel Affiliates

What should I know when traveling with a partner airline?

Our partner airlines have introduced measures to ensure a hassle-free, seamless experience from start to finish with an increased focus on cleanliness and your safety. Visit our partners’ websites for all the latest information. 

Air France 
China Eastern 
Korean Air 
Virgin Atlantic 

What if I need to change or cancel my Delta Vacations reservation?
If you need to change or cancel your Delta Vacations reservation, you can manage your booking in My Trips or call 1-800-800-1504. If you booked through a travel agency, please contact your Travel Agent directly.

What if I need to change or cancel my Delta Stays or Delta Car Rentals reservation? 

Delta Stays Reservations: 

If you need to change or cancel your hotel reservation, you can use your confirmation number to Find Your Booking and manage your reservation or call 1-866-202-1813.

Delta Car Rentals Reservations:

To make changes to your car rental reservation, you can use your confirmation number to Find Your Booking and manage your reservation or call the rental car company directly.

What if I did not purchase my ticket via but through a third-party travel agency?
If you purchased a ticket from a third-party travel agency and you end up needing to make a change or cancellation, please refer directly to your travel agent for servicing/assistance.


Contact Delta

When should I call for assistance?

In general, you can use My Trips as the quickest way to resolve most ticket changes and issues. However, the following scenarios cannot currently be changed via My Trips and you will have to call for assistance:  

  • A form of payment used includes a combination of cash and miles or an upgrade using miles or certificates
  • An adult traveling with an infant in arms   
  • Tickets that are sold or ticketed by another airline – generally, this means your flight number will start with something other than "DL", except for SkyMiles Award Travel operated by a Delta airline partner

If you are ready to book your new trip now, it’s easy to locate and redeem your eCredit online. If you don’t see your eCredit or have an issue booking on, please have your old ticket number ready when you call our Reservations team. Your ticket number is a 13-digit number beginning with 006. You can locate the ticket number on your emailed flight purchase receipt.

What if I am having trouble changing travel using My Trips?
Most travel changes can be easily completed through My Trips, but if you are experiencing difficulties, our How To Change or Cancel Your Flight page will help guide you. If you are still unable to make changes to your trip, you can Message Us for assistance. You can also call our Reservations team at 800-221-1212 to change your plans.