Get to Know Delta FlyReady℠

Delta FlyReadySM is our digital tool that helps customers verify that they’ve met their destination’s passport and visa requirements prior to travel.

A video overview about how Delta FlyReady can help you take the guesswork out of international travel.

Experience a faster and smoother check-in process for future trips when you scan and verify your passport before your next trip with Delta FlyReady. 

A Better Travel Journey

We created Delta FlyReady to make each step of your international travel journey easier.

After booking, you’ll have a personalized view of your international destination’s travel requirements.


With Delta FlyReady, you have access to faster verification of your documents with the ability to pre-fill documentation from your SkyMiles® profile and passport information. You’ll also enjoy simplified document checks from agents and an overall faster, more convenient check-in process.


Delta FlyReady allows you to easily save, exit and resume your document management. There’s no need to worry about losing your progress as you prepare to travel again.

Be Prepared for International Travel

Ready to verify the documents you'll need for your upcoming international trip?

Frequently Asked Questions

Delta FlyReady is our tool that takes the guesswork out of international travel for you. It was designed to help you prepare for your trip and provide a seamless travel journey by verifying essential travel documents, including passports and visas. Whether you’re embarking on a business trip or a much-needed vacation, Delta FlyReady is available to customers traveling on nearly all Delta-operated international routes.
Delta FlyReady offers a personalized view of your international destination’s travel requirements and easy-to-use features to verify you’ve met them prior to travel. Once your documents are uploaded to Delta FlyReady, you can enjoy a smooth check-in experience online, in the Fly Delta app or upon arrival at the airport.

And please don’t worry if you would like to use Delta FlyReady but you’re not sure what documents you’ll need. Within the tool, we have a “What should I upload?” resource that provides you with an example of the documents you’ll need to provide.

Once you’ve booked an international trip, you can access Delta FlyReady by selecting the Delta FlyReady link in My Trips, or by entering your trip confirmation number and your first and last name if you’re on the Delta FlyReady page.  

Next, you can check your passport and visa requirements, purchase an e-Visa/ESTA/ETA with our trusted provider (if necessary) and upload applicable government documents. Once uploaded, your travel documents will be digitally checked and verified automatically.   

After your documents are verified, your Delta FlyReady status will be reflected on your trip itinerary for a seamless check-in and boarding experience. Please note that your international destination may have additional travel requirements for entry, so be sure to check out the Delta Discover Map for your destination’s latest travel requirements. 

Most government documents are verified within 2 hours of being uploaded. However, please note that in some instances verification may take longer than 2 hours. If there are any notable issues, we will notify you via email and within Delta FlyReady.
You are not required to use Delta FlyReady to verify your international travel documents. However, Delta FlyReady does the work to verify that you have the correct international travel documents for entry to your destination and contributes to a seamless airport experience. It also allows you to skip the line and check in online, via the Fly Delta app or at an airport kiosk.

Experience an expedited and smoother check-in process for all future travels when you scan and verify your passport within Delta FlyReady. 

The passport scanner will capture and authenticate your passport information swiftly and accurately. Once your passport is scanned by Delta and saved to your profile, future travels become a breeze with self-service check ins, no need to scan passports again and fewer document checks at the airport.

Remember to bring the physical version of your original travel documents (passport and/or visa) and any other required entry documents with you during travel. We recommend keeping your passport and all documents with you while flying. If a flight delay or cancellation occurs, review the expiration of your travel documents to ensure they remain valid. 

You can also refer to the Delta Discover Map for the latest travel requirements and to verify if your international destination has additional entry requirements beyond a passport, visa or other government forms.

If your visa or other government documents are unable to be verified through Delta FlyReady, please bring the documents with you to the airport so a gate agent can review them. Remember to arrive at least 3 hours early to give yourself enough time to have your documents verified, get checked in and go through security and border patrol.

Delta FlyReady News & Updates

Customers using Delta FlyReady should still bring their passport, paper copies of their test results and other required documentation with them, such as a visa or an attestation document, on the day of travel per requirements in place at certain destinations. Delta FlyReady status is not accepted in lieu of other government-required documentation. We recommend using our Delta Discover Map for the latest health requirements for your destination.