The Fly Delta App

Fly Delta helps you plan, navigate and fly with confidence. Download the app to book and manage trips, move seats, track your bags, monitor your SkyMiles® mileage balance and more. 

Planning Your Trip

  • Shop and book domestic and international flights
  • Track and pay for upgrades using your SkyMiles®
  • Manage travel preferences and payment methods
  • Save a companion to your profile
  • Need Help? Chat with one of our agents via Live Chat messaging

Use at the Airport

  • ”Today” has everything you need for your day of travel 
  • Check in to your flight and receive your digital boarding pass
  • ”Feed” gives you flight updates and gate change notifications
  • Use Airport Maps to navigate through the airport
  • View your place on the upgrade/standby list
  • Scan your passport during check-in
  • View, change or upgrade your seat
  • Reserve Preferred Seats in the bulkhead or aisle
  • Access boarding pass offline
  • Pay for and track your checked bags
  • Monitor flight status and read details about our fleet and partners
  • Rebook canceled flights or missed connections

During & After Your Flight

  • Get real-time bag tracking alerts
  • Map your flight en route
  • Find Delta Sky Club® info 
  • Store and use mobile drink vouchers

A Better Travel Journey

We created the Fly Delta app to support you during your travel journey. Book a flight, navigate the airport with interactive maps, track your bags and more – only with the Fly Delta app. 

With the Fly Delta app, it’s easy to search, compare and book flights — so it’s easier to plan your trips or book on the go. Manage My Profile, view upcoming trips, or even book award tickets with miles.


Fly Delta helps you speed through the airport, so you’re on your way sooner. Check in for your flight and access your mobile boarding pass, see alerts and even view, change or upgrade your seat


As you’re on your way, it’s easier with Fly Delta. Track your bag and receive alerts in real-time, check the upgrade list, find a Delta Sky Club® or navigate the airport with interactive airport map

Fly Delta News & Updates

In 2013, Delta introduced Glass Bottom Jet™ as part of the Fly Delta app for iPad. This ground-breaking feature allows in-flight customers with certain versions of the app to access interactive maps, detailed point-of-interest information and social networking content related to the location of their flight. In June of that year, our Glass Bottom Jet™ feature won the Bronze Lion for digital creativity (PDF) at the 60th International Festival of Creativity at Cannes.