Environmental, Social and Governance Sustainability

At Delta, sustainability is defined as “meeting the company’s financial goals of growth and profitability over time, through innovative business practices that minimize the environmental impacts of Delta operations and promote the health, welfare, and productivity of the individuals and communities we employ and serve."
2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
See how Delta is charting our own course forward to have a meaningful impact on the people we encounter, while mitigating the impact our business has on our environment for future generations.

The Latest News & Updates

Delta and its joint venture partners Air France, KLM and Virgin Atlantic will carbon-offset more than 1,800 metric tons of emissions from more than 15,000 Delta, Air France, KLM and Virgin Atlantic customer flight segments to and from Chicago surrounding the 2019 GBTA convention, the preeminent annual industry gathering of travel sales and service professionals globally.

“We know sustainability is important to every member of the Delta, Air France, KLM and Virgin Atlantic family, including those who we do business with daily and our many thousands of corporate and business travelers who fly us every day,” said Bob Somers, Delta’s Senior Vice President – Global Sales. “These offsets are symbolic of our continued commitment to sustainability and our long-term target of reducing our carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2050.”

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The newest A321 in Delta’s fleet will make its initial flight today – completely carbon-neutral, a first for Delta as it continues to make strategic moves to bolster its ongoing sustainability commitments.

Delta has partnered with Air BP to supply biofuels for an initial 20 delivery flights from the Airbus final assembly line in Mobile, Ala. which are manufactured and refined via sustainable sources and processes. The first flight will depart Mobile, Ala. for a facility in Kansas City where final induction work will be performed before the aircraft moves into service for Delta’s customers across its extensive domestic route network.

“Today’s carbon-neutral delivery flight is a milestone on Delta’s sustainability journey as we work to cut carbon emissions in half by 2050,” said Alison Lathrop, Delta’s Managing Director – Global Environment, Sustainability and Compliance. “We are excited to partner with Air BP and Airbus to power these delivery flights with biofuels and carbon offsets, and will explore opportunities to bring this level of sustainability to all delivery flights going forward.”

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The work of an airline is, at its core, about connecting people with communities, with experiences and with each other. Making connections is Delta’s mission. And as a purpose-driven brand, our leadership and employees understand we have an obligation to make the world a better place. It’s a mission we embrace – both as a corporation and, even more powerfully, as 80,000 people living and serving people across the world.

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Sustainability is a top priority in Delta's corporate strategy, and now you can meet the real faces, families and communities who benefit from these efforts.

Travel across the globe with Reuters and Delta to Guatemala: home of the Conservation Coast. In a mini-documentary that just aired, learn how the Coast is directly supported by Delta's carbon offsetting efforts, including recent offset emissions for over 300,000 customers on Earth Day.

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In celebration of Earth Day today, Delta is offsetting the emissions of all domestic leisure and business travel into and out of New York, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Raleigh-Durham and Atlanta for over 300,000 customers across the country.

Since 2013, Delta has voluntarily purchased over 12 million carbon offsets, which is equivalent to the emissions from 1.7 million cars or electricity use for one year in nearly 2 million homes. This is more than any other U.S. airline. Today alone, Delta will buy almost 50,000 carbon offsets. To put this in perspective, 50,000 offsets will equal the emissions from more than 10,000 cars driven for one year.

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