Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Lifting As We Climb

We actively seek diversity, boldly pursue equity, and consciously promote inclusion to create a sense of belonging for all people.


"Thoughtful action combined with a focus on championing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and within our personal lives will play a healing role to help us keep climbing. The Delta family will use whatever means we have to move the world toward a better, more just tomorrow."

- Ed Bastian, Chief Executive Officer

Faces of Travel

One of the many ways we are closing representation gaps is by accurately showcasing diverse groups traveling and sharing their stories. In order for people to feel welcomed while traveling, they need to first see themselves represented.

Faces of Travel is core to our long term commitment to increase representation and visibility within travel culture. Our campaign includes anthem films as well as a free visual library of images and videos available for all to use in travel content and visual communications. It features travelers of diverse backgrounds exploring different destinations around the globe to create more authentic and inclusive content. Learn more by visiting delta.com/facesoftravel.



Connecting, Reflecting and Respecting the World

Meet Monique: Women who keep Delta climbing

“I hope in the future, people will see people such as myself, & believe that whatever goal they have, they can accomplish it.”

First Officer Monique Grayson dreamed of being a pilot since she was 12 years old.

Pilot talks LGBTQ+ equality, Pride Month and Stonewall a half-century later

"To me, Pride means not fearing what you don't understand," Line Check Pilot Lane Kranz said in an interview with our team.

Listen to his story about belonging, inclusion and diversity in the flight deck.

#StopAsianHate: Delta leaders have candid conversation about racism and violence in the Asian American, Pacific Islander community

As an anti-racist, anti-discrimination global airline, we stand with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community against hatred and violence.

Skills-First Approach to Talent

Within our society, a premium was historically placed on education when education was not provided equally for all. In order to create a more equitable workforce, we are applying a “skills-first” mindset to hiring and development. We do this by giving equal consideration to a candidate’s skills, background and experience as we would give to education and academic pedigree. 

Business Resource Groups

With nearly 35,000 members, Delta's twelve Business Resource Groups provide a sense of belonging for all, opportunities for networking, development and career growth.

Our Business Resource Groups serve as consultants to the business on meaningful topics and diversity related strategies, programs and topics.

If you're a Veteran, opens in a new window, use our Military Skills Translator, opens in a new window to find jobs at Delta. 

  • ABLE - Disability BRG
  • ADELANTE - Latin America and Hispanic BRG
  • BOLD - Black Community BRG
  • FUSION - Asian Pacific BRG
  • GENGAGE - Multigenerational Workforce BRG
  • GREEN UP - Sustainability BRG
  • SHE - Women's BRG
  • VETERANS - Veteran's and Armed Forces BRG
  • WORKING FAMILIES - Working Parents and/or Caregivers BRG

A Deeper Look at Delta's People

Transparency is key to driving change. We measure our progress as we work to build a more diverse workplace and world. We hold ourselves accountable and regularly report on our results.

Baby Boomer - DOB 1946-1963: 15.1%

Generation X - DOB 1964-1980: 37.9%

Millennial - DOB 1981-1996: 39%

Generation Z - DOB > 1997: 8.0%

 Updated end of year 2022


Delta has a long-standing commitment to hiring veterans and reservists and approximately 11.4% of our workforce is made up of veterans.

Updated end of year 2022


Men 58.2%

Women 41.8%

Updated end of year 2022

Race & Ethnicity

Black 26.7%

Hispanic/Latin 11.6%

Asian 7.0%

Other 4.7%

White 50.1%

Updated end of year 2022

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap is one way we measure the success of our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Closing the Gap focuses on narrowing the representation gaps between frontline level employees and other levels of Delta Air Line employees. Read about how we’re working toward narrowing representation gaps.

Here is a snapshot of each demographic’s representation by grade level as of 2022.

Chart of Employee Ethnicity by Grade Level Chart of Employee Ethnicity by Grade Level
Chart of Employee Gender by Grade Level Chart of Employee Gender by Grade Level

Frontline*: Women: 41.8%; Men: 58.2%; White: 49.5%; Black: 27.4%; Hispanic/Latin: 12%; Asian: 6.2%, Other: 5%

Frontline Leaders: Women: 38.3%; Men: 61.7%; White: 41.9%; Black: 34.8%; Hispanic/Latin: 12.5%; Asian: 4.8%, Other: 5.9%

Individual Contributor**: Women: 44.6%; Men: 55.4%; White: 50.3%; Black: 23.4%; Hispanic/Latin: 8.7%; Asian: 14.7%, Other: 2.9%

Manager: Women: 38.9%; Men: 61.1%; White: 61%; Black: 16.6%; Hispanic/Latin: 8.1%; Asian: 11.3%, Other: 3%

General Manager: Women: 34.8%; Men: 65.2%; White: 70.2%; Black: 11.2%; Hispanic/Latin: 6.6%; Asian: 8.8%, Other: 3.3%

Director: Women: 35.9%; Men: 64.1%; White: 71.5%; Black: 10.5%; Hispanic/Latin: 5.3%; Asian: 10.2%, Other: 2.5%

Managing Director: Women: 30.4%; Men: 69.6%; White: 75.9%; Black: 6.3%; Hispanic/Latin: 5.7%; Asian: 11.4%, Other: 0.6%

Vice President & Above: Women: 34.3%; Men: 65.7%; White: 77.8%; Black: 5.6%; Hispanic/Latin: 3.7%; Asian: 12%, Other: 0.9%

Other includes Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Two or More races/ethnicities. 

Data is rounded to the tenths place so sums may total to 99.9% to 100.1%.

*Frontline employees are paid an hourly wage and include pilots, flight attendants, maintenance technicians, customer service and reservation agents, ramp agents and more.

**Employees not captured in Frontline or Frontline Leader are corporate employees.


Join the Conversation

We often say you can’t solve what you don’t understand, so we have placed an emphasis on building understanding within our workforce and our world.

Watch recaps of Delta's town halls or "Let's Talk About It" sessions—candid conversations around issues of diversity, equity or inclusion, meant to foster dialogue and drive change. Many of these talks are also made available on platforms like our In-Flight Entertainment seatback screens to invite our customers into our family-style conversations. 

Gaining Altitude

Gaining Altitude is a live video series that tackles conversations worth navigating. Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian hosts insightful guests to discuss topics that matter to our world, from leadership to sustainability to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Recognized for Our Progress

Our work to become the world's most inclusive airline.
Indeed Top Rated Workplace for Veterans 2019 Indeed Top Rated Workplace for Veterans 2019
Disability:IN and The American Association of People with Disabilities – Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion Disability:IN and The American Association of People with Disabilities – Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion
Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For 2020 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For 2020
Forbes The Best Employers for Diversity 2020 Forbes The Best Employers for Diversity 2020
Fortune World's Most Admired Companies 2021 Fortune World's Most Admired Companies 2021
Glassdoor Best Places to Work 2021 Glassdoor Best Places to Work 2021
  • Black Enterprise – 2023 Best Company for Diversity
  • Forbes - Best Employers for Diversity
  • Forbes- Best Employers for Women 2022
  • Disability:IN and The American Association of People with Disabilities – Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion
  • Glassdoor – Best Places to Work
  • Glassdoor – No. 1 Highest-Rated Company for Career Opportunities for Black Employees
  • Great Place to Work® and Fortune – Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For
  • Great Place to Work® and Fortune – Best Workplaces for Diversity
  • Great Place to Work® and Fortune – Best Workplaces for Women
  • Great Place to Work® – Best Workplaces for Millennials
  • Nomi Network – Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  • Indeed – Top-Rated Workplaces for Veterans
  • Corporate Responsibility Magazine – 100 Best Corporate Citizens
  • Human Rights Campaign Foundation – Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality
  • Women's Business Enterprise National Council – Top Corporation for Women Business Enterprises
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars – Americanism Award
  • Glassdoor – Employees' Choice Award

Note: Delta has been publishing annual Corporate Responsibility Reports (CRRs) from 2009 to 2019, and published its inaugural ESG report in 2020. To request a CRR prior to 2018, please contact sustainability@delta.com.

*The EEO-1 Report categorizes employment data about our U.S.-based workforce by gender, race/ethnicity and certain job categories. The job categories listed the EEO-1 Report are prescribed by the federal government based on the U.S. Department of Labor Job Classification Guide and do not represent how our workforce is organized or how we measure our progress.