Contract of Carriage: U.S.

When you buy a ticket for travel on Delta, you enter into a contract of carriage with us. The terms of your contract are set forth in:

  • Your ticket
  • Any tariffs that apply
  • Our Conditions of Carriage or General Rules Tariff

Delta Air Lines Conditions of Carriage: Domestic General Rules Tariff (PDF)

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For past date conditions of carriage, please email us specifying which tariff you are requesting and the date of your ticket purchase.

*A Note for Delta Customers Residing in Canada: The plain language versions of Delta’s Canadian General Rules Tariff and International Conditions of Carriage are posted to assist passengers in interpreting the tariffs filed with the Canadian Transportation Agency (“CTA”). To the extent there are discrepancies between the plain language versions and the tariffs filed with the CTA, the tariffs filed with the CTA shall prevail.