TSA Data Sharing

Security Threat Assessments of Delta’s Authorized Representatives

If you are required to undergo a criminal history records check (CHRC) and/or other U.S. government security threat assessment required by law in your capacity as an authorized representative of Delta, Delta or its authorized vendor collects your fingerprints and associated data submitted in connection with your fingerprint application and shares it with the U.S. Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for the purpose of conducting these assessments. Delta or its authorized vendor may retain this data for these purposes for the duration of your relationship with Delta or as otherwise required by law. We will provide you a copy of the criminal record we receive from the FBI, upon your written request. For questions about your CHRC results or to request a copy of your criminal record, please contact the CHRC Compliance Team at sida.atl969@delta.com. 

Delta is required by law to enroll individuals with unescorted access authority, authority to perform screening functions, and/or authority to perform checked baggage or cargo function in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Record of Arrests and Prosecutions (RAP) Back Service. Once an individual is enrolled in the FBI RAP Back Service, TSA and the FBI use the fingerprint records and associated data that Delta submits during the CHRC process to automatically notify Delta of any updates to the enrolled individual’s FBI criminal history record.

For information about how the U.S. government processes personal data Delta shares for these purposes, please review the TSA Privacy Act Notice.

TSA Watch List Vetting of Delta’s Authorized Representatives

Delta is required by law to share certain data with the TSA for the purpose of Watch List vetting, TSA’s process for identifying known or suspected terrorists or other individuals who may be a threat to transportation or national security and preventing individuals from gaining unescorted access to commercial aircraft and restricted areas of airports. 

Specifically, Delta shares the following data about individuals with roles related to Sensitive Security Information (SSI), badging systems, passenger reservation data, passenger acceptance/boarding pass issuance, and/or restricted areas, unless they have an airport-issued ID or were otherwise vetted as part of a Master Crew List or TSA PreCheck®: first and last name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, country of citizenship, and additional data as necessary, which may include middle name, Social Security number, driver’s license or passport data, alien registration number, pilot license number, Known Traveler Number, visa number, permanent residence address, employment status, and/or other biographic data.

For information about how the U.S. government processes personal data Delta shares for this purpose, please review the TSA Privacy Act Notice.