Delta Advertising Guidelines


Delta SkyMediaTM General Guidelines for Acceptable Advertising

Delta reserves the right to reject advertising creative based on content, in its sole discretion.

Representative cannot accept advertisements for airline competitors, adult content (i.e., tobacco, pornography, gambling), or companies that promote the sale of travel.

All advertising creative must perform acceptably on the channel platform and adhere to these guidelines.  Delta reserves the right to reject or to suspend any placement that is deemed by Delta to be disruptive to service or performance or is reported to negatively affect our customer experience.  The content must meet the requirement listed below.

  • The Advertiser must fulfill the advertised offer as stated in the advertisement, including without limitation, not altering any offer periods, product offers or prices that are stated in the advertisement unless Advertiser has obtained prior approval.
  • Advertisements cannot mislead customers.
  • Advertisement cannot solicit or collect, or appear to solicit or collect, any personally identifiable information from visitors without their knowledge.

Inappropriate advertising includes, but is not limited to:

  • Direct business competitor of Delta (i.e., other airline, train, travel agent booking, etc.), which includes images related to, inside, or outside the airplane
  • Inappropriate or negative airplane-centric content
  • Language/imagery on airplane malfunction, hijackings, or anything hazardous to passengers
  • Language/imagery that goes against specific airline policies (i.e., usage of the word free or complimentary for items that are not provided by airlines)
  • Language/imagery that is graphic or violent
  • Unauthorized or unapproved use of Delta’s creative assets (such as talent, logos, characters, etc.)
  • Gun advertisement (firearms, bullets, etc.)
  • Pornography advertising
  • Potentially slanderous or libelous content
  • Bad language, nudity/private body parts, proxies for bad language (i.e., X@#%!)
  • Political advertising
  • Placements with personalities and/or companies involved in defamatory situations (e.g., a celebrity who has made derogatory or inflammatory remarks about a person or group of people)

Restricted Advertisers/Categories:

No credit card advertisements

No non-alcoholic beverage or soft drink advertising

No advertising from hotel or car sites, competing airlines, travel agencies – including online travel agencies (OTAs) and general sales agents (GSAs)

No offsite airport parking companies

No trip insurance providers or offers

No advertising from organizations similar to The Nature Conservancy or The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

No competing loyalty programs, unless a co-branded ad/partnership with SkyMiles – e.g. Starwood / SPG could be referenced only as an ad co-branded with SkyMiles

No advertising from any company or organization if such advertising would conflict with an exclusivity arrangement Delta has with another company or organization.  Upon request, Delta will provide a current list of companies or organizations with which Delta has an exclusivity arrangement.