Booking Violations - FAQS

The Delta Booking Policy is available on WorldAgent Direct.

Yes. The Booking Policy covers all GDS subscribers regardless of location. For Delta, enforcement will initially be focused on GDS bookings bookings made within the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico , and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Yes. GDS users can ensure they are not engaging in any booking activities that violate the Delta Booking Policy available for viewing on the WorldAgent Direct website.

All agencies are required to comply with all Delta Booking Policies and Procedures. Delta will audit booking activity, evaluating the results and take appropriate action when violations are identified.

All agencies are required to comply with all Delta Booking Policies and Procedures. Delta will audit booking activity, evaluating the results and take appropriate action when violations are identified.

Administrative Fees for Debit Memo Issued
$50.00 administrative fee
Inactive Segments
$3.50 per passenger, per segment
$3.50 per passenger, per segment
Duplicate Segments
$10.00 per segment
Fraudulent, Fictitious or Speculative Bookings
$15.00 per segment
Invalid Name Changes
$15.00 per segment
$3.50 per segment
Missing Secure Flight Passenger Data
$50.00 per name per PNR

The Policy applies to booked segments, regardless of whether the itinerary is ultimately ticketed.

The Booking Policy and Enforcement applies regardless of whether the itinerary is ultimately ticketed or not. Any “DL” and “DL*” (i.e. Delta or Delta codeshare) segment booked and not canceled or not traveled is a direct loss to Delta not only in GDS fees but also lost inventory.

Delta began assessing fees on bookings made on or after June 1, 2008.

Delta began assessing the revised fees for Booking Policy violations incurred within all bookings on/after February 1, 2010.

Debit Memos will be distributed through the ARC Memo Manager Product, opens in a new window. This product contains the ability to question and/or dispute a debit memo in the website.

Yes. The policy applies to all segments which contain Delta’s “DL” or “DL*” flight designator code.

Delta maintains auditing systems that provide the ability to review all GDS bookings and identify Booking Policy violations.

The GDSs charge Delta for almost all booking activity including, without limitation, sell, passive, cancel, waitlist, inactive and schedule change transactions.

We are aware of software programs that search for lower fares or alternative seats. This practice adversely impacts Delta’s costs and Delta will assess fees in such instances.

Yes. GDS users must use the passenger’s full first name. The use of initials in lieu of the passenger’s full first name will subject the PNR to scrutiny and ultimately cancellation.

No. Creating a PNR with Passive Segments to issue a client itinerary or invoice is a violation of Delta’s Booking Policy and violations of this nature will result in violation fees. Please contact your GDS regarding non billable booking practices.

If the passenger is not ready to purchase before expiration of the 24-hour ticketing period, the PNR must be canceled. This releases the inventory for sale to other customers who are ready to make their ticket purchases. Holding inventory beyond the 24-hour ticketing period is a violation of Delta’s booking policies and directly harms the airlines and other customers by preventing the sale of these seats to customers who are ready to purchase.

Passengers may hold a single reservation under the terms of the published fare rules (e.g. 24 hour ticketing rules). Passengers may not hold duplicate, overlapping space for the purpose of shopping or firming an itinerary (e.g. alternate city/flight/date/class of service).

Churning refers to any repeated booking or canceling of the same itinerary in the same class or different classes of service across one or more passenger name records or GDSs including, without limitation, to circumvent or extend ticketing time limits, hold inventory or to meet GDS productivity requirements. DL excludes from churning calculations all activity generated the same date the initial booking for a segment was created.

In general, Delta does not allow a name to be changed on an existing PNR. The PNR would need to be canceled and a new reservation made using the current availability. In instances where a name change is authorized, it should be done through Delta’s Global Service Center or Reservation Center.