Delta's GDS Booking Policy

All bookings on Delta travel documents must comply with Delta's contract of carriage, and with all applicable fare rules. Delta's GDS Booking Policy guidelines are designed to set clear expectations for subscribers concerning the use of a GDS for reserving, booking and ticketing Delta air transportation. Emphasis has been placed on the importance of adherence to tariff rules as they are designed to allow pricing and travel flexibility for all customers. Enforcing these rules benefits customers as this allows us to offer passengers a greater number of discounted seats while reserving last seat availability for business customers.

We will continue to provide information to our Agency Partners to ensure that all GDS users take a consistent approach when using GDS services to reserve space and issue tickets for Delta customers. GDS practices that are considered a violation of Delta's policies will be addressed appropriately.

To prevent such violations, please review the below links that encompasses booking rules and abusive type ticketing practices. Under no circumstances should Delta personnel or Delta-appointed travel agents suggest or solicit any type of abusive ticketing practice that would violate Delta's tariff rules.