Wheelchair Information

You can choose to travel with a personal wheelchair or utilize one of the many types of wheelchair services we offer.

To schedule service or ask a question, call 404-209-3434 or log in to My Trips and select a flight to submit a Special Service Request.

Please note that stairways are sometimes used for boarding and deplaning instead of loading bridges. If you are unable to ascend or descend steps, let us know, and we will provide an alternative boarding method.

Delta-Provided Wheelchair Services

We can assist you each step of the way. You can pre-book Delta-provided wheelchair services by calling 404-209-3434


If you need utilize an airport wheelchair from the moment you arrive, we offer wheelchair assistants who will assist you through the terminal, security and to the gate. You can request this wheelchair service in My Trips after you have booked your flight, or speak with a Delta representative at 404-209-3434. When you arrive at the airport, notify a Delta representative that you require wheelchair service to your departure gate.


Specially-designed aisle wheelchairs are utilized to assist you in getting to and from your seat when boarding and deplaning our aircraft. Note, the aisle wheelchairs are not self-operable and can only be used with assistance. If you think you need this service, please request it online via My Trips after you have made your reservation, or by calling us at 404-209-3434 so we can have the aisle chair available at your departure gate.


Most aircraft have an onboard wheelchair specially designed to fit the aisle of the aircraft and for use to and from the lavatory. Note, the onboard wheelchairs are not self-operable and can only be used with assistance. The onboard wheelchairs may not fit within the onboard lavatory. Flight attendants are trained in the operation of this wheelchair and will assist you with its use. They are not, however, required to lift or carry you. Aircraft with less than 50 seats are not equipped with an onboard wheelchair. To check on aisle chair availability, speak with a Delta associate at 800-221-1212.

Delta Connection Carrier aircraft may not be equipped with this service. Please contact us to ensure you receive the service you need.

Personal Wheelchair Service

To accommodate all of our customers, we transport all types of personal wheelchairs, including manual and battery-powered wheelchairs, carts, scooters, any accompanying prosthetic devices and other assistive devices used to manage a disability.


  1. Fill out the Wheelchair Handling Form to accompany your wheelchair 
  2. Print the form, place it in a plastic sleeve or laminate it for repeated use
  3. Place the form on the seat of the wheelchair or attach to the back of the chair when traveling
  4. Check your wheelchair at the gate or at the ticket counter, if you want to use Delta’s wheelchair equipment, Go to footer note for travel within the airport

To check your wheelchair, please call 404-209-3434 to provide at least 48 hours advance notice for power wheelchairs. Be sure to check in at the gate ahead of departure if you need to check any battery-powered equipment. At the gate, you can direct a Delta associate on how to disassemble and re-assemble your wheelchair, or can provide printed instructions.


  • If your electric/battery-powered wheelchair will fit upright through the aircraft cargo compartment door — or if it can be stowed upright in the cargo compartment — we will not need to disassemble it and will leave the batteries attached.
  • If you have powered equipment that may require disassembly, please check it at the gate so we may arrange for proper handling.
  • Detachable items, like seat cushions and footrests, can be carried onboard or checked with the wheelchair in the cargo compartment.
  • To assist in the disassembly of your wheelchair, our employees may need instructions. Please attach assembly/disassembly instructions, along with your wheelchair's specific battery type, to the wheelchair, or fill out the Wheelchair Handling form.
  • Due to the size of the aircraft bin doors on aircraft operated by Delta and our Delta Connection Carriers, some wheelchairs may not fit into the cargo compartment.
  • Customers traveling with wheelchairs are encouraged to review the aircraft dimensions to determine whether their wheelchairs will fit into the cargo compartment and to provide their wheelchair dimensions (height x width x depth) to Delta Reservations, in advance, for inclusion in their travel record.
  • To determine whether a wheelchair is within these specifications, removable parts such as footrests, headrests, cushions, removable armrests, etc. may be removed prior to measuring.
  • If your travel includes airlines other than Delta or our Delta Connection Carriers, please contact that airline directly to verify cargo dimensions and transportation options.

If your wheelchair or assistive device (walker/rollator) meets the size and weight restrictions for the approved storage space on the aircraft, you may have your collapsible personal wheelchair stowed on your flight. Wheelchairs stowed onboard take priority over other carry-on items.

To stow your wheelchair, it generally should meet the dimensions 13”x36”x42”, though that can vary by aircraft. If you check your personal wheelchair at the gate, it will be returned to you at the gate for use at your destination or in a connecting airport.

You can help us by identifying your wheelchair batteries as either lithium-ion, spillable or non-spillable so that we can follow correct federal Dangerous Goods handling procedures .

Lithium Ion Batteries

There are currently no restrictions on self-contained lithium Ion batteries in a mobility device.

Wet-cell “Spillable” Batteries

Wet-cell batteries are considered spillable and require special preparations to be transported by air. In preparation, we must disconnect the battery and protect the terminals against electrical shorting. If we cannot fit your wheelchair equipment upright through the aircraft cargo compartment door, we must remove the battery and transport it in Delta's battery box to meet all federal Dangerous Goods handling requirements. We cannot transport damaged or leaking batteries by air. Please contact us at 404-209-3434 to make arrangements for transportation of a spillable battery.

Dry-cell and Gel-cell "Non-spillable" Batteries

Dry-cell and gel-cell batteries are considered non-spillable and have fewer requirements for handling. Powered wheelchair batteries may remain attached when the equipment fits upright through the aircraft cargo compartment door.

Delta personnel will need to know that your device can be stowed in the aircraft without accidental activation or they will be required to disconnect the battery post connectors and wrap each post connector with tape to prevent electrical shorts during shipping.

In the event that you find your personal wheelchair has been damaged during transport, please reach out to any Delta personnel while at the airport. If you have already departed the airport, contact us at 404-209-3434 and select option 3. Please have your contact information and flight details readily available when calling.

Accessibility on the Airplane

When you’re traveling with Delta, we want to ensure your comfort the whole trip. Explore the ways we provide accessible features or assistance during your flight.

Boarding the Plane

Depending on the aircraft, we provide movable aisle armrest seats so you can more easily transfer into your seat when an aisle chair is used to board the aircraft. The number and locations of movable aisle armrest seats may vary by aircraft type. If you should find that your seat doesn't have a movable aisle armrest, a gate-agent or in-flight personnel will be happy to determine if another seat with a movable aisle armrest is available on that specific aircraft.

Please note that stairways are sometimes used for boarding and deplaning instead of loading bridges. If you are unable to ascend or descend steps, let us know and we will provide an alternative boarding method.

Accessible Lavatories

Many of our larger aircraft have an onboard wheelchair-accessible lavatory. This feature depends on the age, size and configuration of the airplane. Please contact us at 404-209-3434 if you have any questions about accessible lavatories.

In-Flight Assistance

Our flight crew wants to ensure your safety and comfort. They can assist you with using an onboard wheelchair, stowing or retrieving carry-on items, identifying food items on your meal tray or opening packages.

Flight attendants are not required to assist in feeding or lavatory functions. They cannot lift or carry you, and cannot provide medical services such as dispensing medicine or giving injections.

You may consider purchasing a ticket for a care attendant or travel companion if you will need any of the above services not provided. Review the available options for bringing a companion for ticketed or unticketed assistance.