Blind, Low Vision, Deaf or Hard of Hearing Travelers

We’re here to provide assistance if you have a sensory disability, such as being Hard of Hearing, Deaf, have Low Vision, are Blind or have a Speech or Communication Disability. We offer accessibility services for your travel day, including assistance communicating, checking in, boarding, deplaning or while connecting to another flight.

Blind or Low Vision

Although you are never required to self-disclose your disability, we’re here to assist if you’d like assistance boarding, deplaning or making a connecting flight. Use your judgement to make a disclosure that would be helpful for your travel needs.

For sighted assistance, fill out the Accessibility Service Request form in My Trips after you have made your reservation. Though not required, we request that customers to notify us if they are traveling with a service animal.

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Deaf or Hard of Hearing

At your request, our personnel are available to assist you in boarding, deplaning and connecting between flights. Contact us Online via our Accessibility Service Request form in My Trips after you have made your reservation, or by calling us at our accessibility assistance line 404-209-3434 (dial 711 to access the FCC’s Telecommunications Relay Service). This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 


Speech and Communication-Related Disabilities

If you have a speech or communication-related disability, you can indicate your preference of assistance by filling out the Accessibility Service Request form in My Trips. You are never required to disclose your disability, but we’re ready to assist you with communication if you request it.