Delta FlyReadySM

Delta FlyReadySM is a solution designed to help you take the guesswork out of international travel. Created in partnership with trusted health providers, we offer convenient testing options and digital verification of your health documents. Thank you for choosing Delta and we look forward to welcoming you on board. 
The information published here and in other Delta locations related to TrustAssure and other test providers is intended to help our customers in the planning and preparation for their travel. Information included on COVID-19 testing, vaccine requirements or necessary forms is supplemental to any information provided by test providers or governmental authorities regarding travel requirements. Delta and TrustAssure will share limited personal information with one another, including name, date of birth and trip details for testing scheduling/verification purposes and confirmation whether your documents have been approved for travel to your destination. TrustAssure will not share your test results, vaccination status, or other personal health information with Delta. TrustAssure™ and IGT Solutions Private Limited (IGT) will also share limited personal information with Delta to confirm whether your documents have been approved for travel to your destination. TrustAssure is owned by CLX Health. TrustAssure may engage a third party vendor, IGT to review and process certain health documentation. Delta, TrustAssure and IATA cannot guarantee accuracy of and accept no liability for travel restrictions and health requirements including test requirements, test provider offerings, or any errors or omissions related to travel requirements, test products or test requirements, including accuracy of translations, outdated information or testing location address and hours, appointment availability, test type offered, or timing for receiving test results. Delta is not responsible for any goods or services offered by TrustAssure, IGTor their affiliated or contracted test providers.

1. Review Health Requirements

Learn more about entry requirements and forms for your upcoming trip with our Delta Discover Map.

2. Book/Upload Health Docs

Our partner, TrustAssureTM, opens in a new window offers multiple easy ways to meet your pre-departure COVID-19 travel requirements and quickly receive a FlyReadySM status for your upcoming flight.

3. Verify Your Documents and Forms

4. Prepare for Your U.S. Return

In accordance with the latest U.S. entry requirements, all travelers ages 2 and older must complete the following 2 forms within 3 days before their departure to the U.S.


Attestation Form

Contact Tracing

Frequently Asked Questions

Created in partnership with trusted health providers, Delta FlyReadySM is a solution designed for you to take the guesswork out of international travel. This includes convenient testing options based on your international destination and digital verification of your COVID-19 test results and vaccine records. Delta FlyReadySM is currently available to customers traveling from and connecting through the U.S. to select international destinations. More destinations will be available as the program expands.

Use the Flight Lookup above to see if your flight is eligible for Delta FlyReadySM If so, you can begin the process which could include the following:

  • Starting 7 days prior to your departure, you can review available testing options
  • Schedule a test appointment with a nearby provider through TrustAssure and your test results will be automatically digitally verified
  • Even if you don’t get tested through TrustAssure, you can still upload your test results for digital verification
  • If your destination accepts vaccination, upload a digital copy of your vaccine record or take a photo and upload your paper vaccine record
  • Once your documents are verified, for select destinations your Delta FlyReadySM status will be reflected on your trip itinerary for a seamless check-in and boarding experience

It is highly likely your destination has additional travel requirements for entry – be sure to check out our Delta Discover Map for the latest travel requirements for your destination.

We recommend that you use Delta FlyReadySM because it will offer you convenient testing options so you can be confident you are taking the correct test for your specific destination and will provide you with an efficient check-in and boarding experience. However, you are not required to digitally verify your test results for your trip, and you can select any test provider that satisfies the requirements of your destination.

Yes. It’s highly likely your destination has additional entry requirements beyond COVID-19 requirements. Please refer to our Delta Discover Map for the latest travel requirements.

Please bring a physical version of your original health documentation (test result or vaccine record) and any other required entry documents with you during travel. We recommend keeping your passport and all documents with you while flying. If a flight delay or cancellation occurs, please review the expiration of your health documents to ensure they remain valid.

TrustAssure may not be able to verify your uploaded test result or vaccine record for several reasons, including image quality (blurry or cropped images). Try uploading your test result or vaccine record again. If you continue to experience issues, you will need to complete the verification process with a Delta agent at the airport.
If you receive a positive test result, you will not be able to fly and are advised to follow the guidelines in the country where your test result was received. You will need to reschedule your travel to a later date when you have recovered. Visit My Trips to begin the process of rescheduling or canceling your travel. 
Yes, for select destinations where the country accepts proof of vaccination in lieu of a negative COVID test result. Please bring a physical version of your original vaccine record with you during travel in case you are asked to present it. Refer to our Delta Discover Map  for the latest travel requirements.
TrustAssure is one of Delta’s trusted COVID-19 testing partners. Through TrustAssure’s network of COVID-19 testing providers worldwide, Delta customers have convenient access no matter where they travel. TrustAssure is owned by CLX Health.
To check if your flight is eligible for FlyReady, please use your 6-digit flight confirmation number in the above Flight Lookup, not your Delta Vacations 8-digit confirmation number. If your flight is eligible, you will be prompted with next steps for health document upload for your destination. If your flight is not eligible, please review your destination’s entry requirements to ensure you have everything covered before you fly.