Change or Cancel

Schedule Changes

We value your time and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience if a schedule change has impacted your upcoming trip. While our goal is to always get you to your final destination on time, occasionally adjustments to our flight schedule become necessary and affect your itinerary creating a disruption. Rest assured, we are committed to helping you manage the disruption. 

Flights departing within 72 hours

If your flight departs in less than 72 hours, you may be experiencing a delayed or canceled flight. Please visit our Delayed or Canceled Flights page for more information on how to manage your trip. Otherwise, continue reading to learn about schedule changes and the options that you have to keep your trip on track.

Am I Experiencing a Schedule Change?

Schedule changes may include adjustments to arrival and departure times, updated routes or plane type. You may be experiencing a schedule change if:

  • We notify you about an updated itinerary more than 72 hours before your departure. 
  • A flight time change leads to a missed connecting flight. 

Schedule Change Guidance

We’re here to guide you and provide more information on how to manage a schedule change. This section will explain how to know if you’ve been impacted, the steps you should take to manage the change and when you should reach out to us.

If you experience a significant schedule change, we will do our best to notify you via 1 or more of the following methods: 

Where possible, Delta will automatically rebook you on an updated itinerary and provide you with the new schedule information. The next section will explain your options if we are unable to rebook your flight or if the automatically updated itinerary does not fit your needs.

In keeping with our longstanding policy, we will first attempt to rebook you on a new flight if your current flight is canceled, significantly delayed (> 120 minutes) or impacted by a qualifying significant schedule change.

If we cannot find an alternate flight for you and we cancel your ticket, or if you choose to cancel the new flight you have been rebooked on, you have the following options:

  • Receive an eCredit for the value of the ticket, seat upgrade or Preferred Seat
  • Adjust your itinerary in  My Trips
  • Request a refund to your original form of payment once your ticket is canceled

Voluntary changes to flights not impacted by a significant schedule change are subject to Delta’s change and cancellation policies and may result in paying the difference in price and additional fees.  


Ready to view alternate flights and select a new one?

There are times when you may have to reach out to us to manage a schedule change. 

  • If you are unsatisfied with the alternative flights options presented when searching for alternative flights in My Trips, our Reservations Specialists may be able to assist by messaging us or calling us at 800-221-1212.  
  • For tickets with unaccompanied minors, please message us or reach out to a Reservations Specialist at 800-325-8847 (dial 711 for relay services).  
  • For a Delta Vacations booking, please reach out directly at 800-800-1504. 
  • For tickets purchased from a third-party travel site or agency, refer directly to your travel agent for assistance with making a flight change or cancellation.