Delayed or Canceled Flight

We understand how frustrating cancellations and delays can be, and we sincerely apologize if your trip has been impacted by a disruption. Although we strive to prevent them, these disruptions sometimes occur. Rest assured, we are committed to helping you manage the disruption. 

Flights departing outside of 72 hours

If your flight departs in more than 72 hours, you may be experiencing a schedule change. Please visit our Schedule Change page for more information on how to manage your trip. Otherwise, continue reading to learn about flight delays and cancellations and the options available for you to keep your trip on track.

Am I Experiencing a Delayed or Canceled Flight?

If your itinerary involuntarily changes within 72 hours of your departure or on your day of travel, it’s likely you’re experiencing one of the following scenarios: 

Please note, the options available to manage your delayed or canceled flight will vary based on the extent of the delay. Learn what options are available for you based on the type of disruption below.


Do you need to search for another flight? 

Delayed or Canceled Flight Guidance

We’re here to support you every step of the way.  This section will provide instruction on how to manage a flight delay or cancellation occurring within 72 hours of your scheduled departure.

Trip Disruptions Under 120 Minutes  
If your trip is impacted by a delay or cancellation that is less than 120 minutes, you can check your eligibility to rebook by visiting My Trips.  
Trip Disruptions Over 120 Minutes

If you experience a significantly delayed (>120 minutes) or canceled flight, we will first try to rebook you at no additional cost and do our best to notify you via 1 or more of the following methods: 

Your updated itinerary can also be found in My Trips. The next section will explain your options if we are unable to rebook your flight or if the automatically updated itinerary does not fit your needs.   

If your trip is impacted by a delay less than 120 minutes in most cases, the best option is to remain on your current flight and the option to change or rebook for free is not available.

If you would like, you can check your eligibility to rebook within My Trips

If we are unable to find an alternate flight to accommodate you after a cancellation or significant delay (>120 minutes), or if your new itinerary no longer fits your needs, you may: 

  • Adjust your itinerary in  My Trips
  • Cancel your flight to receive an eCredit for the value of the un-flown portion of your ticket
  • Cancel your flight and  request a refund of the un-flown portion of your ticket to your original form of payment

If you prefer to explore other flight options, use the following steps to search for alternate flights and select a new one. Keep in mind that some changes will require you to pay the difference in price from your original flight.

  • Step 1: View your updated flight details on the Fly Delta app, My Trips or at a Delta kiosk.
  • Step 2: Review flight options and select the flight that best suits your needs or choose to remain on your current flight.
  • Step 3: Complete the flight change.
  • Step 4: Receive your confirmation and you’re all set.
Next Steps

Ready to view alternate flights and select a new one? 

We will do our best to reroute your checked baggage on your new flight, but this may not always be possible. If your bag does not arrive at your destination, please submit a claim or proceed to the Delta Baggage Service Office in the baggage claim area at your destination airport for assistance. Remember that you can also track the location of your bags using the “Track My Bags” feature in the Fly Delta app.


If you have experienced a flight cancellation or significant delay of greater than 120 minutes and no longer want to travel on your remaining itinerary, you can first cancel your itinerary via My Trips and then use the Travel Disruption Refund Request form to submit a refund request for the unflown portion of your ticket. 

Please note that we are unable to issue refunds for the following:  

  • Non-refundable tickets that have not experienced a flight cancellation or significant delay (>120 minutes)
  • Tickets purchased from third-party travel sites or agencies (please reach out to your travel agent for assistance)
  • Tickets already used for travel

If you are a resident of the U.S. or Canada and you incurred hotel, transportation and/or meal expenses due to a significant delay (>3 hours) or cancellation that was within our control, you can submit a reimbursement request using the Reimbursement Request form.  

To request reimbursement relating to disrupted travel for non-residents of the U.S. and Canada, please use the Comment and Complaint form. Once submitted, we will review the request and update you on reimbursement eligibility.  

Please note that we are unable to provide reimbursement delays or cancellations arising from factors outside of our control, such as: 

  • Air Traffic Control delays 
  • Weather delays 

In addition, Delta does not reimburse the following expense types:

  • Prepaid expenses, including hotels and activities at your destination
  • Alternative transportation to your final destination
  • Lost wages

When a significant delay (>3 hours), misconnect or cancellation is within our control, we may be able to provide:

  • Complimentary hotel accommodation (based on availability)
  • Complimentary ground transportation to and from the hotel
  • Meal vouchers 

Please check with a Delta agent at the airport for more information about accommodations, transportation or vouchers in the event of a qualifying significant delay or cancellation.

There are times when you may have to reach out to us to manage your delayed or canceled flight. 

  • For tickets with unaccompanied minors, please message us or reach out to a Reservations Specialist by calling us at 800-325-8847 (dial 711 for relay services). 
  • For a Delta Vacations booking, please reach out directly at 800-800-1504. 
  • For tickets purchased from a third-party travel site or agency, refer directly to your travel agent for assistance with making a flight change or cancellation.