General Conditions & Rules

Your safety is our top priority. That being said, there are many new rules related to security measures that we have implemented in recent years, like tough guidelines on liquids and items considered "dangerous goods." Although we know it may seem like an inconvenience at times, these measures provide us a way to keep our passengers and crew as safe as possible.
  • All baggage is subject to search.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any bag that has a size, weight or other condition that poses a safety or annoyance risk to other passengers and/or crew, or baggage that is unsuitable for transportation on the aircraft.
  • Specific baggage check-in rules vary by airport and must be met accordingly. Please review airport Check-in Requirements for details.
  • Baggage on our flights can be checked at Delta’s airport curbside check-in, at any Delta airport kiosk or online via your computer or mobile phone.
  • Please make sure your name is somewhere on your baggage.
  • Baggage will only be checked to the destination on your ticket.


Additional restrictions to carry-on baggage may exist due to available space and limitations on certain flights. If you have additional questions, please see a check-in agent for help, or review our Baggage FAQs.


Traveling with liquids, gels, pastes, and other similar items? Learn how to roll through Security Checkpoints.

Dangerous Goods

Matches? Affirmative. Firecrackers? Negative. Find out what is and isn't allowed onboard at Dangerous Goods

Read the U.S. DOT's Safe Travel information about travel with spare batteries.

Airline Partner Notice

Our SkyTeam® and codeshare partners may have different guidelines and restrictions on certain flights, so be sure to check before you check in.

Complete Baggage Rules

For complete checked and carry-on baggage rules, see Delta's Contract of Carriage.