Baggage - online claim form

Making sure your baggage is handled properly is important to us. If your baggage gets delayed or lost, we will work to return it to you as soon as possible. If it is damaged in transit, we will help you repair it under many circumstances. Find the details below.

When you notify one of our representatives that your bags are delayed, you will receive a file reference number. Please keep this number, as you will need to refer back to it while when initiating claims or inquiring about your property. You may be eligible for a bag fee rebate if your first or second paid checked bag(s) have been delayed for more than 12 hours after being reported to a baggage service agent/office. You may also track the status of your checked luggage using our online tracking form.

Baggage Online Claim Forms

If you need to file a claim for Delayed, Damaged or Lost baggage or missing items:

  1. Get a File Reference Number from the Baggage Service Center.
  2. Complete the online claim form, giving us details on your itinerary and property.

If you have already submitted a mishandled baggage claim, you can use this form to upload any additional supporting documentation.

Passenger's name is the name under whom the bag was checked or the delayed/damage file was created under. Enter the name exactly as displayed on your bag file or original reservation (example: Elizabeth Smith, not Liz Smith).

File Reference Number Help


If unable to upload, please fax required documentation including name and file reference number to 1-888-880-3412 or 1-404-714-9122