Flights to Seattle


Cradled by mountains and cool waters, stunning nature meets creative cityscapes in the sprawling and colorful Seattle, Washington. While it began as an industry-driven town, Seattle came of age through the decades - emerging as a collection of beloved neighborhoods, each rich with coffee, delightful food and unique attractions.

Home to almost 700,000 people, this Pacific Northwest jewel sits between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington. From the air, you’ll see surrounding national parks, mountain ranges and the visible peak of Mt. Rainier. Air currents from the sea and these natural mountain ranges lead to rainy winters and temperate summers.

Since the 1970s Seattle has attracted and grown industry giants like Boeing, Microsoft and Starbucks. Today, it’s much more than a great place to work. Fly to Seattle to catch a game from one of Seattle’s five professional sports teams, to explore incredible outdoor attractions or just to find a city brimming with culture.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, affectionately known as Sea-Tac, serves as one of the most rapidly growing U.S. airports. Serving over 42 million passengers annually, it’s an international gateway with service from Delta Air Lines and a variety of regional and international carriers. Located 12 miles from downtown Seattle in the city of SeaTac, Washington, it’s still just a short ride away from attractions in and around Seattle.

Even if you’re passing through on your way to an international destination, you’ll still find in-airport restaurants featuring local brews and coffee to enjoy. Don’t feel like hauling your stuff during a long layover? Drop it off at Ken’s Baggage and Frozen Food Storage - a layover locker for everyday and fishing travelers, where you can keep your bags while exploring the airport or the city. When you’re departing, the airport recommends that you arrive at least 2 hours early for departing flights. Their busiest days are Thursday and Friday. 

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

  • The simplest way to the city might be Seattle’s Light Link Rail. This train goes directly from the airport to the University of Washington, with many stops in between.
  • You can also find buses, airline shuttle and shared van rides available.
  • Find taxis, including vehicles that fit 8-10 passengers, available on the 3rd floor of the parking complex.
  • Find Lyft, Uber and Wingz pick-up also on the third floor in the I & J sections, all provide service at Sea-Tac as part of a one-year pilot program.
  • Traveling with a bicycle? Find tools and storage near Ken’s Baggage and Frozen Foods, designed for you to assemble or disassemble your bike during travel.

Gorgeous sights, urban adventures. Find it all when you fly to Seattle, a rapidly growing city where industry giants meet local flavor. While it’s kept its grunge roots, the city continues to grow into a thriving patchwork of neighborhoods, culture and natural beauty. The sum of its parts, Seattle truly offers something for everyone.

While it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, plan ahead to make the most of your visit. From stopping over at Sea-Tac to visiting Seattle for a longer stay, you’ll find unique activities and destinations to explore. From food truck fare to fine art, from Pike Place Market to hidden urban gems, you’ll find more to do from the minute you land in Seattle.


If it’s your first trip to Seattle, start your stay downtown with a visit to the iconic Pike Place Market. This working market houses icons like the original Starbucks, but also hides colorful produce and local treasures that you can discover as you wander. Continue your day along the Puget Sound, then walk up to Belltown to find trendy shops, on-point dining and interesting sights.


Take off to Seattle, then take in art at each turn. You’ll discover street art as you walk and might even find the beloved Fremont Troll. You can also peruse one of Seattle’s three key museums part of the Seattle Art Museum’s network. Find the main “SAM” downtown, the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park and the Olympic Sculpture Park bordering Belltown. While the sculpture park is free, the other museums offer only a suggested admission.


Home to a diverse immigrant population plus abundant, fresh seafood, take time to stop and savor the flavors of Seattle. Enjoy a stop in one of the many oyster houses dotting the city, or even seek out a decadent brunch in Lower Queen Anne. For more colorful fare from across the Asian continent, head up to the Chinatown-International district to find dim-sum, Thai, Vietnamese, fresh sushi and several izakayas for beer-friendly Japanese pub food. For fusion cuisine, art and interesting people, head over to still-bohemian Fremont.


Stunning panoramic mountains and waterways peek around every corner and window in Seattle. Even in the city, you’re close to overwhelming natural beauty and many activities you can enjoy outdoors. Find canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding at nearby Golden Gardens Park, Alki Beach and at the University of Washington’s Waterfront Activities Center. For hiking close by, try the Washington Arboretum, Discovery Park, Foster Island Trail, Dead Horse Canyon and more.


Think practical in Seattle. Like the locals, bring a good waterproof raincoat. While umbrellas help, windy rain can bust the best umbrellas as winds gust between Seattle’s tall downtown buildings. The hills can be tough, too. If you’re walking, opt for a pair of reliable shoes, like boots or sneakers. No matter when you visit, dress in layers. It could be raining and chilly one minute, sunny the next. 

There’s no shortage of places to stay in Seattle - complete with different looks and feels, depending on the neighborhood where you stay.

If you’re looking for a boutique option, try Hotel Max in downtown Seattle or the Mediterranean Inn near South Queen Anne. In any neighborhood, you can often find several more intimate hotels as interesting as their surrounding areas.

Looking for a more classic feel? Try the Inn at the Market or the Alexis Hotel, the latter offering urban luxury in a historic building. Tucked in a building from 1926, Hotel Andra also offers an intimate experience in the middle of bustling Belltown.

To live like a local, don’t forget to search stays with Airbnb - a new Delta partner. Quite popular in Seattle, you can find everything from high-rise views to quiet mountain retreats listed with Airbnb.

Though it earned a rainy reputation, Seattle’s temperate climate makes it easy to explore year-round. In the summer, high temperatures peak in the 70s and its often a cool, dry sunny or cloudy. In the winter, temperatures can dip to a low around 40°F with frequent rainfall. Whenever you visit, dress in layers and bring a raincoat or umbrella - you’ll be glad you did.