Low Fare with Restrictions

Save with Basic Economy, but please remember refunds and upgrades are not available at any time, and changes are not available for travel that begins after December 31, 2021. Basic Economy is best for those traveling by themselves with firm travel plans. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the restrictions so you know if Basic Economy is right for you.


Keep in Mind, Basic Economy is Just the Basics

Basic Economy provides a value for solo travelers and light packers who don’t anticipate changes to their travel plans, since refunds and changes are not allowed.

A Main Cabin Experience

With Basic Economy, you'll enjoy:

  • A Main Cabin seat
  • Delta’s signature service
  • Complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages like Starbucks® coffee, tea, juice, sodas or water.
  • Connect to Delta Wi-Fi to book, change, or check the status of your flight on
  • Complimentary access to in-flight messaging as well as hours of movies, shows and more on Delta Studio®.

With Some Key Differences

In Basic Economy you’ll experience:

  • No changes or refunds allowed*
  • Seat(s) assigned after check-in, may not be together
  • Ineligible for upgrades*
  • No ticket value upon cancellation

*Ticket changes or refunds not allowed after the Risk-Free Cancellation period. Basic Economy travelers are not eligible for paid or complimentary access or upgrades to premium seats, including to Delta Comfort+® or Preferred Seats; and no paid access to Priority Boarding.

Know the Details on Basic Economy

Not sure if Basic Economy is what you’re looking for? See the details about this unique value-driven fare offer from Delta.


Seats will be assigned after check-in and you will not be able to change or refund your ticket after the Risk Free Cancellation Period.

Other Limitations

You will not be eligible for: paid or complimentary upgrades; paid, complimentary or discounted Delta Comfort+®; paid or complimentary Preferred Seats; or same-day confirmed or same-day standby travel changes.

Seat Assignment

Your seat will not be assigned until after you check in to your flight. If your seat number does not appear on your boarding pass, your seat will be assigned at the gate before you board.