Flights to Nashville, TN (BNA)

There's more to love in Nashville - the warmth of its residents, its lifelong relationship to country music, growing diverse neighborhoods and a delicious dining scene. Whether you’re seeking loud country music, a boozy bachelorette or a quieter getaway, you'll find a stay to remember when you fly to Nashville.

Start with a Nashville brunch, with the golden fluffy biscuits that can only be found in the South. Explore the independent coffee shops and bakeries dotting the city. Take in the Nashville’s beautiful parks or take in the downtown sights, including a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame. After, stop in a craft distillery and head out for a night on the town — explore popular downtown favorites, dive in a gritty blues joint or wander through interesting neighborhoods.

With one main commercial terminal and four connecting concourses, the Nashville International Airport (BNA) serves millions of passengers annually and continues to grow. The main terminal connects to Concourses A, B, C and D, with most Delta flights and a Delta Sky Club located in Concourse B.

If you have a little extra time in the airport, find an aviation-themed art gallery from local and national artists inside BNA - called Arts at the Airport. Located in a separate area, Berry Field National Guard Base is also located on the grounds of Nashville International, but does not share space with the main passenger terminal.

Be ready to fall in love with this soulful city, and not just its vibrant music. With a growing collection of interesting and developing neighborhoods, sprawling greenspaces and interesting eats, there’s truly more to enjoy on your visit.


Whether it’s country, rock or something else, there’s a song for you when you fly to Nashville. The Country Music Hall of Fame houses collections and oral history artifacts that tell the tales of country music from the beginning. You can also strike a chord at the iconic Grand Ole Opry, which still offers shows each week. Don’t shy away from a visit to Nashville’s smaller music venues either, from The Station Inn to The Bluebird Café and everywhere in between.


Nashville serves as a beacon of dining culture in the South, drawing visitors from around the country. With gifted chefs serving up global cuisine, you can sense the frantic energy and growing food culture. From savoring any of the city’s artisan coffee shops and bakeries to exploring fine-dining or even diving fork-first into Nashville hot chicken, there’s more to choose from. For foodie neighborhoods, explore East Nashville, The Gulch, SoBro or 12South.


Take a flight with the family, then enjoy everything Nashville has to offer. To see interesting animals and play on a nationally-recognized huge playground, stop by the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. (Be sure to ride the snake slide!) Also try the ‘Musical Petting Zoo’ at the Country Music Hall of Fame, which lets kids of all ages touch and try different instruments. In the summer months, pack a picnic and visit the sprawling greenspaces in Centennial Park.


What you pack depends on the time of year, the neighborhood you’re visiting and what you plan to do. Most of the city residents dress in an upscale sort-of casual, with deliberately styled looks and unique charms that vary by neighborhood. Bring a raincoat in the summer and a warm jacket in the winter.

Seasons change in Nashville, where you’ll find chilly winters and hot summers. In the winter, bring a comfortable jacket but leave the snow gear at home. In the summer, be sure to bring a light rain coat and loose, heat-friendly outfits.

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