Flights to Lake Tahoe / Reno

From colorful lights to natural sights, you’ll find more to do in Reno and the Lake Tahoe area. The area’s home to some of the region’s best snow sports in the winter and other outdoor activities in the summer. Snowcapped mountains surround the crystalline waters of Lake Tahoe, creating breathtaking scenery for you to hike, bike, paddle, ski and explore, depending on the time of year you visit.
Sitting just three miles South of the city, the Reno-Tahoe International Airport serves the public and the military, with an area away from the main terminal reserved for the Reno Air National Guard base.

Passengers will find 2 terminals with 23 gates in the main airport, in Concourses B and C. You’ll find a few shopping and dining options throughout the airport, plus many transportation options to travel to and from the airport.
  • If you’re driving, find access to I-80 and I-395 at the interchange near the airport.
  • Take a taxi or a ridesharing service like Uber and Lyft from the airport, which is just a 10-minute ride from most major hotels.
  • Access the rental car area right outside of the main terminal. You’ll find several rental car services to choose from.
  • Public transportation from the airport is provided by City Bus and located right outside the curb at baggage claim.

If you are ready for a vacation but aren't yet sure what activities to enjoy, fly to Reno where you can ski, camp, swim, bike, snowboard, boat, hang glide, climb, golf, shop, sightsee, dine and play at this Vegas-neighbor’s two dozen casinos. The Biggest Little City in the World sits right at the edge of the Sierra Nevada mountains and has plenty to please both the outdoor enthusiast and the casino-goer.


Expect unexpected surprises in Reno and the Lake Tahoe area. Reno itself has grown, leading to a resurgence in the dining scene and food culture outside of the steakhouses that make up many of the city’s staples. For brunch, try Squeeze In or the popular Ham’s Glorified Ham and Eggs. Of course, stop in the lofty space of Campo for Italian comfort food or swing by SouthCreek Pizza Company to warm up with a wood-fired pie.


Thanks to the neighboring Burning Man festival each year, Reno’s art scene has risen to national acclaim. You can visit the Nevada Museum of Art, but don’t forget to check in with Reno Art Works. This local nonprofit promotes art throughout the city in galleries, outdoor installations and shows. You’ll also find a number of craft fairs in the area in the spring and summer.


Reno and the surrounding Lake Tahoe area offer much for the whole family. In addition to the family-friendly ski slopes in the winter, you can find canoeing, swimming and hiking in the summer. You can also visit the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, Wild Land Family Adventure Park or the Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center.


What you bring to Reno depends on where you’re exploring. Whatever your itinerary, pack the appropriate wardrobe for hitting the Tahoe slopes or enjoying the casinos. Winters tend to see more precipitation, so pack waterproof gear and shoes for those months.

With warm summers and cool wet winters, you can enjoy the complete change of seasons in Reno. Expect low temperatures and some snow through the winter, though not as much snowfall as the nearby mountains. In the summer, anticipate highs in the low 90s and a dry climate with little humidity.