Flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU)

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Culture abounds in the streets of old San Juan, Puerto Rico, combining local Caribbean culture with Spanish and American influences to create a completely unique tropical vacation destination. Delta passengers fly in to San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín Airport (SJU), not far from the white-sand beaches of Ocean Park. The city offers a mix of resort accommodations with smaller, classic hotels, all mixed into Old San Juan’s historic treasures, cozy cafes and eclectic street art.  

San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín Airport (SJU) serves as the region’s only international airport. With over 8 million people passing through a year, it serves more passengers than any other airport in the Caribbean. It consists of four terminals, which create a U-shape that surrounds the main parking and ground transportation areas.

An island unto itself, Puerto Rico’s beaches are always a must-do. From Condado Beach and Ocean Park in San Juan to the less crowded beaches like Flamenco and Culebra on the islands just to the east of the main, there’s a beach to fit your personality.

Old San Juan offers a unique glimpse into the history of the island, with buildings dating back to the 16th century. The brightly-colored houses that line the old stone streets are always picture-worthy, making for a popular spot for Instagram-seeking tourists.

The shopping and dining scene in San Juan is diverse and eclectic. Lovers of traditional Puerto Rican dishes like Mofongo or coastal eats like ceviche will have plenty of options, both in the city proper or in outposts lining the island. And popular vintage shops like Back Door Vintage, Vice Versa, and Electroshock are the current shopping rage on the main island.

But a trip to Puerto Rico isn’t complete without a venture deeper into the island. El Yunque National Forest is a rainforest that attracts visitors throughout the year. While the forest was hurt by the hurricanes that have rolled through the island, recovery efforts, particularly around the famous waterfalls La Mina, are ongoing to ensure visitors have a place to experience the rainforest wildlife. 

Puerto Rico is a tropical climate, making for warm weather year-round and particularly wet in the spring and summer months. Hurricane season is June through November, so visitors should keep up-to-date on any upcoming forecasts. There is little temperature variance throughout the year, with highs in the 80s-degrees Fahrenheit and lows in the 70s

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