Flights to Bermuda (BDA)

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Sitting off the east coast of the United States into the Atlantic Ocean is the island of Bermuda, with its pink-hued sand and turquoise water. A unique tropical destination due to its isolated geography, Bermuda is easily accessible from the mainland via L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA). With its beautiful architecture lining the streets, and shipwrecks lining the coastline creating a diver’s paradise, Bermuda offers entertainment in and out of the water for your next tropical vacation getaway. 

Formerly simply called Bermuda International Airport, what is now L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA) is the airport of entry for Bermuda’s visitors. Located in St George’s Parrish, the airport allows easy access to the rest of the island. Its single-terminal layout makes flying into Bermuda simple for visitors, with the busy season from May to October seeing the most traffic.  

Diving is a popular activity for visitors to Bermuda. With a myriad of shipwrecks sitting just off the coast, divers are able to explore the sea life that has taken shape among the scattered remains. For those without the credentials for some of the deeper diving, the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute offers simulated experiences and hands-on educational exhibits for the younger visitors.

The coves and nature preserve that line the coastline of Bermuda make exploring on feet an equally attractive option. Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve is a quiet hike through still shoreline with plenty of wildlife and greenery to see. Warwick Bay and Jobson’s Cove allow hikers to explore dunes and jagged cliffs and even dip into a swimming hole or two.

Bermuda’s tropical climate creates a busy season of May to October, when the weather is at its warmest. But unlike other tropical destinations, it may not get overly hot for visitors during the year. With highs up to the mid-80s in the late summer and in the low 70s in the winter, Bermuda is relatively mild compared to some of its Caribbean brethren. 

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