Flights to St. Louis


Named after King Louis IX of France, St. Louis is a beautiful city surrounded by expansive green spaces and picturesque neighborhoods. Nicknamed "The Gateway to the West," for its location on the bank of the Mississippi River, St. Louis was the last major stop before pioneers journeyed west toward the Pacific coast. In fact, the city's landmark, the soaring steel Gateway Arch, commemorates Thomas Jefferson's vision of westward expansion.

The 1904 World’s Fair and Summer Olympics was a very important event for the city. So many of the parks, buildings and mansions that are the heart of the city today were built around that time. The famous musical, "Meet Me in St. Louis," is a lively nod to this lively time in the city’s history.

A legacy from the German and Bohemian immigrants who found their way to St. Louis beginning around 1830, St. Louis has been home to numerous breweries over the years. Most notably, Eberhard Anheuser’s Bavarian Brewery, which we know today as Anheuser-Busch. An integral part of St. Louis economic and landscape since 1852, you have a great excuse to get a tour of the brewery — it's a historical site. Plus, it's one of the freebies.

St. Louis residents are loyal to their sports — especially baseball. If you make it here during baseball season, be sure to visit the home of the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium, one of the country’s top baseball venues.