Flights to Richmond


What makes Virginia's capital such a terrific place to live and visit is how the old Richmond and the new Richmond overlap. Both iterations of the city have benefited from their location on the James River in close proximity to coast and mountains, and both versions have learned from the past as they forge ahead.

To appreciate Richmond's past, you can tour some of its many civic buildings, designed by one of the key visionaries of American thought and architecture: Thomas Jefferson. Richmond's status as a college town — it’s home to the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University to name just two — infuses this city with ever-evolving ideas. So it's not surprising that the museums here are first rate, not just for their collections but also for their habit of involving the community in their mission. Art galleries such as Quirk offer a fresh perspective of eclectic art and gifts, and programs like Modern Richmond tours bring the city's modern architecture and design into focus.

Here, art and history are never at arm's length: they're endeavors that involve everyone. Take the American Civil War Center at Tredegar, for example, which considers the Civil War from the perspective of the Union, the Confederacy and the African American. On a smaller scale, a network of farmers' markets throughout the city has advanced the cause of locally-grown and organically-produced food — and made it accessible to everyone.