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Flight Changes & Cancellations

We understand that your plans may change; you can make changes or cancel your flight online prior to departure. Visit My Trips to make changes to your flight(s) any time before your travel date. If you need assistance with how to cancel or change your flight, visit our how-to guide.

If you purchased a ticket from a third-party travel site or agency and you need to make a change or cancellation, please refer directly to your travel agent for servicing/assistance needs.




As a reminder, Basic Economy tickets purchased after April 30, 2021 are final and are not changeable or refundable after the expiration of the 24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation period, unless Delta has already made a significant change that has impacted your upcoming flight.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you purchased a ticket from a third-party travel agency and you end up needing to make a change or cancellation, please refer directly to your travel agent for servicing/assistance.

Tickets purchased directly from Delta, including Basic Economy fares, are included in our 24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation policy

Tickets Purchased On or Before April 30, 2021

For customers who purchased a Basic Economy ticket under our COVID-19 travel waivers on or before April 30, 2021, you may make changes* or may cancel your ticket and receive an eCredit.

*Some Basic Economy tickets originating from Europe, Africa, and other international markets may be changeable for a fee. Check the ticket restrictions for details.

Tickets Purchased After April 30, 2021

Basic Economy purchases are final, meaning changes and refunds are not available after expiration of the Risk-Free Cancellation period, and you will not receive an eCredit upon cancellation. Cancellation beyond 24 hours after booking your Basic Economy ticket will result in a loss of value for your ticket.

Since Delta has eliminated change fees, you will not be charged a fee for changing or canceling your trip. Sometimes, however, your new flight may cost more than your original flight. In that case you would need to pay the difference in price between your original flight and your new flight.

If you select a new flight that is less than the price of your original flight, you will receive an eCredit for the difference that you can redeem toward future travel.


In keeping with our longstanding policy, if we cancel or significantly delay a flight, we will first attempt to rebook you on an alternate flight, if one is available.  ​

If we cannot find an alternate flight and we cancel the reservation for you, or if you choose to cancel the alternative itinerary we have selected for you, you have a couple of options: ​

  • An eCredit for the value of the ticket; or​ 
  • If you prefer, you may request a refund to your original form of payment

For the following scenarios, these tickets cannot be changed online and we recommend reaching out to our Reservations team. We encourage you to explore your options in My Trips if the scenarios below do not apply to your ticket.

  • Tickets that have been upgraded using miles or certificates
  • An adult traveling with an infant in arms
  • Tickets that are sold or ticketed by another airline – generally, this means your flight number will start with something other than "DL", except for SkyMiles Award Travel operated by a Delta airline partner
  • If you are ready to book your new trip now and don’t yet see your eCredit or have an issue booking on, please have your old ticket number ready when you reach out to our Reservations team. Your ticket number is a 13-digit number beginning with 006. You can locate the ticket number on your emailed flight purchase receipt.


If you need to change or cancel your Delta Vacations reservation, you can manage your booking in My Trips or call 1-800-800-1504. If you booked through a travel agency, please contact your Travel Agent directly.




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