Flights to Lisbon, Portugal (LIS)

The coastal country of Portugal, bordered by Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, often feels like a time capsule - seemingly salted into stasis by the mist of the Atlantic Ocean. The medieval structures and cobblestone streets of the cities and towns alike meld with a unique, diverse cuisine that keeps visitors coming back to discover more. Those looking for culture in cities like Porto and the capital of Lisbon (LIS) find nightlife, music and architecture galore. While those seeking more natural beauty find it in spades – from the coastlines of the Algarve in the south to the islands of the Azores off the coast.  

Portugal Reopens to Travelers with a Negative COVID Test

Portugal is open to U.S. travelers with a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure or a negative antigen test taken within 24 hours of departure. Details subject to change.

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Delta fliers arriving in Portugal will do so through Lisbon Airport (LIS), the primary international gateway into Portugal. The airport sits just over four miles north of the city – one of the few European cities with an airport surrounded by urban development - and features two terminals. Delta flies into Terminal 1, the larger of the two. 

Lisbon and Porto 

The two largest cities in Portugal offer a different flavor of life in the country. The hills that surround Lisbon and the tiny alleys that fill the waterside city give the entire town a beautifully unique look. Ruins from many centuries ago can be found around most corners and the views at sunset are breathtaking.

Porto – Lisbon’s slightly edgier sister city – offers its own dramatic panoramas. But its own unique flavor can be found in neighborhoods like the Ribeira district, where hip locals hang outside of cafes and bars, and music fills the streets.

The Algarve 

The beautiful Algarve region of Portugal sits on the country’s southern tip, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, and offering vacationers a wealth of luxury options. The region itself is the largest tourist region in Portugal, as the population of the area triples over the holiday season. But braving the crowds will most often offer those visiting the perfect weather with incredible scenery of the coast.


Portugal’s cuisine is centered around seafood as its staple genre. And while influential throughout the world, its unique qualities are still hidden to most people. But barbecues full of grilled fish and cod that lines the store fronts will automatically alert the visitor they are in Portugal. Pastries are also a hit, and the world renowned custard tarts – casteis de nata – are aplenty in bakeries throughout the country. While in Lisbon, don’t forget to try the sausage, a local delicacy found in any butcher shop across the city. 

The warmest weather in Portugal can be found in the Algarve region on the country’s southern tip, when in the late summer and early fall it hits its warmest average temperatures. One can find cooler weather in the north, particularly in the regions surround Porto as the cooler sea air can drop temperatures dramatically at times. 

Terms and Conditions

Travel requirements are imposed by government authorities and subject to change at any time without notice.  Please continue to review the applicable travel requirements as your trip departure date approaches. Passengers arriving on flights that are not designated COVID-Tested flights may be subject to quarantine on arrival.