Flights to Copenhagen (CPH)


A tourist-friendly city, all you’ll need to get around in Copenhagen is a good pair of walking shoes and a map to take in the stunning architecture, turrets and towers. If something is a little far on foot, the public transportation system makes it easy and quick to get around the city with an innovative and free bicycle renting system. In Copenhagen, virtually everyone rides - and the city's streets have plenty of bike lanes and traffic lights specifically for cyclists.

By day, the city practically radiates culture. Slip into the National Gallery where you’ll find art that's over 700 years old. Or visit the National Museum which houses the Sun Chariot from the 13th Century. Both the museum and gallery have free admission throughout the year. And if you like arcana, you're in luck: Copenhagen has museums that archive the history of everything from the working class to Viking ships.

The city goes into party mode when the sun sets. Catch a live jazz show at one of the city’s celebrated jazz houses (the best known is the Copenhagen Jazz House). Or visit a bar, many of which transform from restaurants after dinner. Nightlife really gets hopping around midnight or even later on Friday and Saturday.

Day or night, Copenhagen is a friendly, clean city that puts its best foot forward for all of its visitors. And with access to bikes and easy to use transportation, you’ll make your way like a local and feel right at home.

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