Flights to Athens, Greece


Athens is a muse of sorts. Take a trip to the city that inspired Western art and architecture, politics, government, fashion and philosophy. Take a trip back to where it all began, thousands of years ago.

A city by the sea, Athens has a sort of organized chaos that makes use of ancient systems in modern day life. By day, the city is a bustling metropolis with people and traffic everywhere. By night, the city settles down and an almost audible, collective exhale can be heard. Tourists and natives alike unwind and relax with the ancient city and all its history as their backdrop.

Keep in mind that this is essentially a beach destination. Five months of the year, people head to the water for the whole day or just a few hours after work. Athenians live in the moment — they drink, hang out with friends and enjoy everything as best they can. Athens’ economic troubles cannot be ignored, but residents find silver linings everywhere. They may shop less, may share plates at restaurants, but time spent with friends is still a priority.

Despite the iconic images we have of Athens and the Acropolis, it is a sprawling city, but the architecture and roads spread throughout, connecting temples and museums that meld ancient Greece with a pulsating contemporary society.

Maybe that’s why the attitude in Greece is so accommodating. People are frustrated when things don’t work, when they can’t count on established systems, but then that’s Greece. And as they’ve always done, people take the good with the bad because the alternative — leaving — is unthinkable.

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