Restricted Hazardous Items

To ensure the safety of our customers and employees, Delta no longer accepts hoverboards or any lithium battery powered self-balancing personal transportation devices on board its aircraft. These items are prohibited as both carry-on and checked baggage.

Spare batteries for other devices, fuel cells, and e-cigarettes are permitted in carry-on baggage only. If your carry-on bag contains these items and is gate checked, they must be removed and carried in the cabin.  For more information, please visit restricted items., opens in a new window

The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued an emergency order that bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices from commercial air transport. Delta customers should comply by not traveling with this device in any form, whether on their person, in a carry-on bag, in a checked bag or shipped as cargo. The U.S. DOT has provided additional information about the ban on their website.

Effective immediately, customers traveling on any airline to the U.S. from select airports in Europe, the Middle East and Africa should expect additional security measures relative to carry-on items. All battery-operated electronic devices intended for carry-on must be operational; any device that cannot be powered on upon screening will not be permitted onboard. Customers are encouraged to allow extra time at airports to account for additional screening requirements and to charge their electronic devices prior to arrival at security checkpoints. For the most up-to-date information on this and all security directives, visit