Protect Your Data

Over the years, Delta has received reports of attempts by parties not affiliated with us to fraudulently gather customer information in a number of ways including: fraudulent emails, social media sites, postcards, Gift Card promotional websites claiming to be from Delta Air Lines and letters or prize notifications promising free travel. These messages were not sent by Delta Air Lines. We do not market to our customers this way, but individuals or groups intending to gather and use your personal data for their gain can be inventive in their approach – often adding messages to generate a sense of urgency so you take action.

Some messages may claim that you have purchased a Delta ticket, a credit card has been charged, order has been completed, an invoice/receipt is attached to an email or website may offer free flights for following or liking an account. If you see or receive one of these messages, do not open attachments as they may contain potentially dangerous viruses or harm your computer.

Be assured that Delta did not send these messages, and our customers’ credit cards have not been charged by Delta as a result of the emails. These messages did not originate from Delta, nor do we believe that any personal information that you provided us was used.

If you have been contacted this way, please be advised of the following security and data protection best practices to guard your personal information:

  • Change your SkyMiles account password immediately and monitor your account for any misuse if you believe someone other than yourself has access to this information.

Your password on must contain:

  • 8-20 characters
  • 1 number and 1 letter
  • 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter

Cannot contain

We will continue to post updates on this page as additional information becomes available.

Delta Air Lines Security Center

Delta Air Lines works tirelessly to ensure the privacy and integrity of your personal information. While we are continually monitoring your SkyMiles and flight information, we recommend our customers become more aware of current fraudulent schemes and checking their online accounts.