Fares & Discounts

When it comes to fares and fees, we don't want there to be any unwanted surprises. Take the time to read through this section, so you know exactly what fees you can expect and even better, what fees you can avoid altogether.

There are two types of fares you can choose between: refundable and nonrefundable.

Refundable fares offer maximum flexibility, and most do not require advance purchase.

Nonrefundable fares are priced for best value, but have more restrictions.

Basic Economy Fare Features

Basic Economy (E booking class) is a value-fare option for price-driven customers. When you purchase Basic Economy, you typically will enjoy our lowest fare, but seats will be assigned after check-in and you will not be able to change or refund your ticket after the Risk-Free Cancellation period. Tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable, but may be canceled before departure for a cancellation charge. Any remaining value is issued as an eCredit.

Additionally, you will not be eligible for: earning miles in the SkyMiles Program or earning credit towards Medallion Status; paid or complimentary upgrades; paid, complimentary or discounted Delta Comfort+®; paid or complimentary Preferred Seats; or same-day confirmed or same-day standby travel changes, regardless of Medallion or other elite status.

Advance Seat Selection

Advance seat selection is not available with Basic Economy fares. Seat assignments will be auto-assigned for Basic Economy fare holders no earlier than check in.

Child Fares

Delta does not offer discounted-infant or -child fares for travel within the U.S. Learn more about child ticketing needs.

Discounts Not Offered on Delta.com

Certain discounts or companion fares may apply to a selected itinerary but are not available at delta.com.

Contact Reservations to check availability of these fares for your travel needs.

The Taxes & Carrier-Imposed Fees you pay are based on several elements and therefore, can vary widely. The airports you are leaving from and arrive at, and the country those airports are in, all affect your taxes and fees.

Fares for travel originating in most of the world’s major industrialized countries are filed and quoted in the primary currency of those countries and in U.S. dollars for other countries. Eligible Pay with Miles customers can log in and choose to have fares quoted in U.S. dollars, regardless of the travel origin country.

Tickets purchased on delta.com will be reported to your credit/debit card-issuer as sales made in the country from which travel originates. For example, if you buy a ticket from Paris to New York, the transaction will be reported as a purchase made in France in Euros. In this example, if your credit/debit card billing address country is not France, your card issuer may assess a foreign transaction and/or currency conversion fee, as described in your cardholder agreement.

To comply with laws in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden, a separate internet ticketing fee will be charged for each ticket purchased using a credit/debit card with a billing address in these countries. The charge is DKK 40 for Denmark, EUR 10 for the Netherlands and SEK 50 for Sweden.

  1. Let us help you. Delta's weekly email fare specials and Delta Web Fares regularly offer great deals to many exciting places. Don't miss out. Sign up for one of our Email Programs and visit Deals & Offers often.
  2. Plan as far in advance as possible. The further in advance you plan, the better your chances are for a lower fare. Fares usually have advance purchase requirements.
  3. Try different days and times. Fares can vary day-to-day, based on demand. Fares are usually lower on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and highest on Fridays and Sundays. Flights later in the evening are also usually lower demand.
  4. Search nearby area airports. Low fares sold out at one airport, may be available at another nearby airport.
  5. Consider flying round-trip. A round-trip itinerary is usually priced less than two one-way trips.
  6. Make holiday plans early. Holidays and school vacations are generally the highest-demand travel times. To get the lowest possible fare, book early. Some people book six months in advance.
  7. Check out our seasonal deals. Delta offers savings throughout the year, including seasonally-inspired destinations.