Ticket Currencies

Fares for travel originating in most of the world’s major industrialized countries are filed and quoted in the primary currency of those countries and in U.S. dollars for other countries. Eligible Pay with Miles customers can log in and choose to have fares quoted in U.S. dollars, regardless of the travel origin country.

Tickets purchased on delta.com will be reported to your credit/debit card-issuer as sales made in the country from which travel originates. For example, if you buy a ticket from Paris to New York, the transaction will be reported as a purchase made in France in Euros. In this example, if your credit/debit card billing address country is not France, your card issuer may assess a foreign transaction and/or currency conversion fee, as described in your cardholder agreement. "Pay with Miles" tickets are reported as sales made in the U.S.

To comply with laws in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden, a separate Internet ticketing fee will be charged for each ticket purchased using a credit/debit card with a billing address in these countries. The charge is DKK 40 for Denmark, EUR 10 for the Netherlands and SEK 50 for Sweden.