Discover Platinum Medallion Benefits

Go Platinum and get rewarded for your loyalty. Enjoy Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades, waived same-day confirmed change fees, and benefits like a customizable Choice Benefit, a preferred rate on a CLEAR® Plus membership, Rollover MQMs and more.

Choice Benefits - a Diamond & Platinum Medallion Exclusive

As a Platinum Medallion Member, you get to select a customizable Choice Benefit. Choice Benefits enable you to select additional benefits by what matters most to you. Pick from:

  • 4 Regional Upgrade Certificates, which can be used on tickets booked as a part of a Delta Vacations® package
  • $200 American Express Statement Credit on Basic Delta SkyMiles Platinum and Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Cards, or Basic Delta SkyMiles Platinum Business and Delta SkyMiles Reserve Business American Express Cards
  • 4,000 Starbucks® Rewards Stars (available beginning February 1, 2023)
  • $500 Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQD) Earn Boost towards next Medallion Qualification Year
  • Gift Silver Medallion Status to 2 Members
  • 20,000 bonus miles for yourself, someone else, or a SkyWish charity of your choice
  • $400 Delta Vacations Experience (flight + hotel)*
  • $250 Sustainable Aviation Fuel Contribution
  • A $250 Delta travel voucher, also applicable toward a Delta Vacations package

*Only 1 Delta Vacations option can be selected within the Medallion Year

With Platinum, You Earn More

As you travel with Platinum Medallion Status, you’ll earn even more miles on qualifying flights:

  • 9 miles per dollar*(1)

Plus, the Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) you earn above your Medallion Tier qualification threshold will roll over to the next qualification year to give you a jump start on earning Status again – this is known as “Rollover MQMs.” The Rollover MQMs benefit is exclusive to Delta, and only for our Medallion Members.

Here’s an example of how Rollover MQMs work: You reach Platinum Medallion Status by earning 100,000 MQMs and $20,000 MQDs during the 2023 calendar year - giving you Status from the day you earn it through January 31, 2025. You only needed 75,000 MQMs to reach Platinum and had enough MQDs for Diamond, but didn’t quite hit the 125,000 MQMs needed to reach Diamond. With Rollover MQMs, you’ll be able to rollover the 25,000 MQMs you earned above and beyond the Platinum requirement, to your next year’s balance giving you a head start toward earning Status again for 2024. We’ll automatically rollover your MQMs by the end of January each year.

Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades

As a Platinum Medallion Member, you are eligible for Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades for yourself and a companion to Delta Comfort+ shortly after ticketing, to First Class beginning 120 hours (5 days) prior to departure, and to the domestic Delta One® experience on the day of the departure. You can now also select your Seat Preferences for Delta Comfort+ Complimentary Upgrades on an eligible future flight if you were not already cleared into Delta Comfort+. Learn more about selecting Seat Preferences for Delta Comfort + Complimentary Upgrades., opens in a new window
Complimentary Upgrades
Unlimited Complimentary U.S. 50 Delta One® Upgrades: All paid tickets (except E fares), Award Tickets, Miles + Cash and Pay with Miles tickets(2)

Day of departure

Unlimited Complimentary First Class Upgrades: All paid tickets (except E fares), Award Tickets, Miles + Cash and Pay with Miles tickets(2)

Begins 120 hours (5 days) prior to departure

Unlimited Complimentary Delta Comfort+ Upgrades: All paid tickets (except E fares), Award Tickets, Miles + Cash and Pay with Miles tickets(2)
Shortly after ticketing*, Go to footer note
Unlimited Complimentary U.S. 50 Delta One, First Class & Delta Comfort+ Upgrades for a Companion:
All paid tickets (except E fares), Award Tickets, Miles + Cash, Pay with Miles tickets and SkyMiles Companion Certificates(2) 

Unlimited Complimentary Clase Premier Upgrades on select Aeromexico-operated flights. Learn more
Begins 120 hours (5 days) prior to departure
Complimentary Preferred Seats(2)(3)

* If your upgrade doesn’t clear right away but seats are showing as available in the seat map, you can self-select your upgrade by visiting the seat map and choosing an open seat.  

Waived Fees for Bags and Ticket Changes

We’ll take care of these fees for you because you’re a Platinum Medallion Member.

  • Your first checked bag is free each way when traveling on a Delta or select airline partner flight. Up to 8 of your travel companions also receive their first checked bag free when traveling on a Delta flight (4)
  • Waived Same-Day Confirmed Fees (5)

Effective August 4, 2021, Same-Day Standby fees have been eliminated for all Delta customers. Changes to origin, destination, routing, date and time are permitted except for Basic Economy tickets, and the mileage difference (and any applicable taxes) for the new Award ticket will apply. For travel originating from the United States and Canada to anywhere in the world (including flights operated by joint venture and codeshare partners), Members may change or cancel Award tickets for travel without a redeposit or change fee, excluding Basic Economy fares. For some travel originating outside the United States and Canada, Basic Economy Award ticket restrictions will vary and may be non-cancelable or may be changeable for a fee. For details, visit our Baggage & Travel Fees page.

Amenities at the Airport

From check-in to boarding, move through the airport more seamlessly.

Additional Platinum Medallion Benefits 

VIP Phone Line
As a Platinum Medallion Member, you have access to a dedicated Medallion phone line for service and support, with call priority over Gold and Silver Medallion Members and all General SkyMiles Members(9). You can reach a SkyMiles representative anytime at 800-323-2323 in the U.S., or contact us worldwide.

Priority Wait List

If the class of service preferred is not available when making a reservation, you'll receive priority waitlist status on paid tickets.

SkyTeam Elite Plus Status 

When you fly with any of the 20 SkyTeam partner airlines, you’ll be given SkyTeam Elite Plus status, offering benefits like Priority Baggage Handling, lounge access around the world(10) and more.

Car Benefits with Hertz

Enjoy more miles and elite benefits with Hertz® Car Rental. Earn 7 miles per $1 spent on qualifying rentals with Hertz, plus enjoy President's Circle® Status in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® program(11).


Your miles are worth at least 15%* more on vacations booked with Delta Vacations. Plus, Medallion Members can save up to $350 per booking.(12) Learn more


As a Platinum Medallion Member, look forward to receiving bag tags to help show off your Status! Plus, you’ll find drink vouchers in the My Wallet section of the Fly Delta App upon earning Status. 

Reclaim My Status

When life happens, we want to be there for our Medallion Members. A Medallion Benefit inspired by our Members, designed to empower you to return to Status if life slows down your travel.(14) Learn More.

(1) General SkyMiles Members earn five miles per dollar spent on qualifying flights Main Cabin or above. Silver Medallion Members earn 2 additional miles per dollar (for a total of 7), Gold Medallion Members earn an additional 3 miles per dollar (for a total of 8), Platinum Medallion Members earn 4 additional miles per dollar (for a total of 9), and Diamond Medallion Members earn 6 additional miles per dollar (for a total of 11).* Ticket price eligible for mileage accrual includes base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges, but excludes government-imposed taxes and fees. Medallion mileage bonus per USD spent based on earned Medallion Status at the time of travel. Effective for tickets purchased on or after December 9, 2021 for flights departing on or after January 1, 2022, Basic Economy tickets are not eligible to earn miles in the SkyMiles Program or earn credit towards Medallion Status.

(2) Basic Economy (E) fares are not eligible for: earning miles, earning towards Medallion Status, paid or complimentary upgrades; paid, complimentary or discounted Delta Comfort+, paid or complimentary Preferred Seats; and are not eligible to make same-day confirmed or same-day standby travel changes, regardless of Medallion or other elite status.

(3) Preferred Seats: A number of choice Main Cabin seats are set aside for eligible passengers. Eligible passengers include Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver Medallion Members, SkyTeam® Elite and SkyTeam Elite Plus members, passengers that have purchased full fare Y, M or B class of service, and companions of Preferred Seat-eligible customers. When making reservations, provide your SkyMiles account number and request a Preferred Seat. This service is offered on Delta and Delta Connection® flights, subject to availability. Select seats may be reassigned to passengers with certain categories of disability.

(4) Excess, oversize, and/or overweight baggage fees may apply. The benefit applies to the Medallion Member when traveling on a Delta, China Southern, Virgin Atlantic or on a SkyTeam partner flight, opens in a new window. This also applies up to 8 travel companions on a Medallion Member's reservation for a total of 9 passengers when traveling on a Delta-operated flight, with the exception of flights departing from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) or Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS). The free checked bag allowance depends on Medallion Tier, origin/destination and cabin booked. View complete details.

(5) Same-Day Confirmed: As a Diamond, Platinum or Gold Medallion Member, you may request a same-day change to your itinerary and be confirmed at no extra charge, except when flying on a Basic Economy (E) fare. To make a same-day confirmed change when booked in Main Cabin your original fare class must be available. To make a same-day confirmed change when booked in our premium cabins -- including Delta One®, First and Business Class -- you may make a same-day confirmed change as long as a seat is available in the premium cabin. Your request can be made within 24 hours prior to your original departure time. Your new departure time must still be on the same day as your originally scheduled departure.

(6) Priority Check-In: Medallion® Members have access to designated, Delta One®/Business Class or First Class check-in areas at most airports where Delta offers this service. SkyMiles Members can check in for a domestic flight and print a boarding pass via up to 24 hours before a flight's scheduled departure. Also, SkyMiles Members traveling on a Delta e-ticket for a domestic flight can use our self-service kiosks in more than 80 airports nationwide to quickly check in for a flight or standby for an upgrade. Kiosks also allow you to check baggage, select or change seat assignments, change your flight, provide for multiparty check-in, add your SkyMiles number to your itinerary, print a receipt, and more.

Priority Boarding: With our boarding order, Medallion Members are invited to board before other Main Cabin customers. Customers in Delta One and First Class, Diamond Medallion Members and Delta Premium Select customers will be invited to board the aircraft, in that order, via our Delta Sky Priority lane. All Platinum and Gold Medallion Members and SkyTeam Elite Plus customers are then invited to board with Sky Priority (SKY). Silver Medallion Members and SkyTeam Elite customers can begin boarding after that using the General Boarding lane when traveling in Main Cabin (Main1). Silver Medallion Members will not have a dedicated Priority Boarding zone on Delta flights departing AMS and CDG due to Air France-KLM boarding policies. Refer to the full Boarding Priority page for more information.

Priority Security Line Access: Diamond, Platinum and Gold Medallion Members have access to frequent traveler security lines in select U.S. domestic airports. To use these lines, show your Medallion card along with the appropriate boarding documents. For a list of cities that have these lines available, visit Frequent Traveler Security Lines. This benefit is subject to government security regulations and may be suspended at any time by government directive.

(7) Annual memberships are available for US citizens, legal permanent residents, and citizens of US territories, 18 and older with valid photo ID. Eligibility for complimentary or preferential pricing based on SkyMiles program Status at time of CLEAR Plus membership enrollment or renewal. Benefit does not provide automatic enrollment. Effective February 1st, 2023, all SkyMiles members enrolled in CLEAR will renew at the above rates. This price change continues to offer significant savings compared to the standard CLEAR Plus membership rate. All CLEAR terms and conditions apply and are available at, opens in a new window.

(8) Premium Sales and Service is available when calling from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

(9) Diamond, Platinum and Gold Medallion Members traveling in any cabin on a same-day, international SkyTeam flight (excluding Delta-operated flights) receive access to SkyTeam lounges (SkyTeam partner-operated and SkyTeam branded lounges; excludes travel to/from the Caribbean, Guam and Saipan when traveling in Main Cabin) and any Delta Sky Club® for you and a guest as part of your SkyTeam Elite Plus benefits.

Effective February 2, 2023, Delta Sky Club access will no longer be extended to Delta Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion Members when flying in Main Cabin or Delta Comfort+ internationally. Please note that Medallion Status still permits you to enter the Club if flying in Delta Premium Select or Delta One, or if you have access through a different method.

(10) Excludes taxes, fees, other incidental charges, or other booking charges or any element of the booking which is paid or reduced by redemption vouchers or discount codes. For Hertz President’s Circle Status, Members need to add their Gold Plus Rewards number in their SkyMiles profile and opt-In for this benefit. Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions for Cars Booked at

  • Delta’s online car rental booking engine is powered by Expedia and is accessible via, or directly at Travel with Delta
  • Standard Mileage Offer: Except with respect to the Hertz Mileage offer (listed below), SkyMiles Members will earn two (2) miles per eligible US$1 or equivalent foreign currency spent at on the base car rental rate for a completed car qualifying rental booking (“Qualifying Dollars”). A qualifying rental booking includes rentals at a participating location for one or more days at rates other than travel industry rates or discounts, wholesale of tour package rates or discounts, wholesale tour package rates, insurance/dealer replacement rates, corporate and government rates, group travel discounts, or rentals in conjunction with a frequent flyer car award, or other corporate agreements applicable to the respective car company.   Calculation of the applicable standard mileage offer is listed below by car rental company.
  • Qualifying Dollars include the base car rental rate is the cost of the car rental, before taxes and fees, charged at the time of booking. Taxes, fees, other incidental charges, or other booking charges or any element of the booking which is paid or reduced by redemption vouchers or discount codes are excluded from mileage credit are not included in the Qualifying Dollars.
  • Mileage can only be credited to the SkyMiles Member whose name appears on the credit card used for the reservation. First and last name on credit card must match with name on SkyMiles account provided. Miles will not be awarded for cancelled, no-show, or unpaid reservations.
  • SkyMiles number should be provided at the time of booking.
  • Only one SkyMiles number can be provided per booking.
  • Please allow up to 8 weeks after completion of eligible rental for miles to be deposited in SkyMiles account.
  • If mileage credit has not been recorded on your SkyMiles account within 8 weeks after qualifying activity occurs, please contact us and select: Request Refund or Miles > Mileage Credit > Partners
  • Requests for mileage credit will be accepted up to 6 months from the last day of the rental reservation.
  • Car rental bookings completed prior to enrollment into SkyMiles will not be eligible for mileage credit.

Calculation of Mileage Credit for Car Rentals

The standard mileage offer earned for car rentals booked at will be calculated as follows:

Hertz Reservations:

  • General SkyMiles Members earn 4 miles per Qualifying Dollar
  • Silver Medallions earn 5 miles per Qualifying Dollar
  • Gold Medallions earn 6 miles per Qualifying Dollar
  • Platinum Medallions earn 7 miles per Qualifying Dollar
  • Diamond Medallions earn 8 miles per Qualifying Dollar

Dollar and Thrifty Reservations:

  • All SkyMiles Members earn 4 miles per Qualifying Dollar

Alamo, Enterprise and National Reservations:

All SkyMiles Members earn 2 miles per Qualifying Dollar

(11) Offer valid for Medallion members only. Purchase a Delta Vacations flight and hotel package from a Delta Vacations origin in the U.S. or Canada to a Delta Vacations destination, for travel anytime. Additional restrictions may apply.

* As compared to the mileage value with Delta Vacations prior to July 10, 2023.

(12) Digital voucher/coupon is good for use on Delta Air Lines or Delta Connection® carriers only. You may find vouchers in the Fly Delta app or find them in My Wallet at, where you can print them or access them on your smartphone. Voucher must be printed when flying on Delta Connection carriers operated on an aircraft without a First Class cabin. Please check your My Trips listing for aircraft details. Voucher is subject to all applicable laws and void where prohibited by law. Must be 21 years or older for alcoholic beverages, please drink responsibly. All selections are subject to availability. Duplicated or altered vouchers will not be accepted. Vouchers cannot be sold, bartered, redeemed for cash, or exchanged for any item other than the listed items. Voucher expiration date is noted directly on the voucher.

(13) All Reclaim My Status Benefit Terms apply. See full details.

Effective August 4, 2021, Same-Day Standby fees have been eliminated for all Delta customers. Award Ticket redeposit and reissue fees will be eliminated for Award tickets purchased on or after December 9, 2020 for travel originating from North America to anywhere in the world (including flights operated by joint venture and codeshare partners) and for Award tickets purchased on or after August 31, 2020 for travel within the domestic U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands, except for Basic Economy tickets. For all other Award tickets for international travel not originating from North America, Award ticket redeposit and reissue fees will be waived for Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members, except when flying on a Basic Economy (E) fare. 

SkyMiles Members can also take advantage of no change fees for all tickets purchased through March 30, 2021, for both domestic and international travel – regardless of the type of ticket booked or travel destination. Members can also use their travel credits through December 2022 for travel originally scheduled to depart before March 31, 2021 (if the ticket was purchased before April 17, 2020).