Get to Know Medallion Status

Car Benefits with Hertz®

As a Medallion Member, enjoy even more travel benefits with SkyMiles partners— like Hertz® Car Rental. Medallion Members can receive complimentary elite status in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® program and earn miles on qualifying rentals.

Complimentary Status and Bonus Miles with Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

As a Medallion Member, enjoy elite status in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program for even more benefits. To participate, follow these simple steps within your SkyMiles account:

STEP 1: If you’re not already a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member, join now.

STEP 2: Navigate to the Other Loyalty Programs page of your SkyMiles Profile. Within the Car Loyalty Program section, click “Add+”, select “Hertz Gold Plus Rewards” from the drop down, and enter your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards in the “Loyalty #” field. Click “Save”.

STEP 3: Navigate to the “Eligible Promotions” page of your account, and click “Register Now” on the Hertz promotion.

STEP 4: On the Promotions Details page, click “Enroll in Promotion” to receive your complimentary elite status.





Miles earned per $1*  spent on Hertz qualifying rentals


Five Star® status in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® program


President’s Circle® status in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program



*Excludes taxes, fees, other incidental charges, or other booking charges or any element of the booking which is paid or reduced by redemption vouchers or discount codes.

To reserve a car and earn miles through Delta Stays and Car Rentals, book here.

Promotional Reference Code
Please refer Delta customer service representative to 970224

Promotional Fulfillment
Please allow up to eight weeks for status to be reflected in your Gold Plus Rewards member account

All Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Membership and Rental Terms and Conditions apply, including the right to change, limit or modify the Five Star Program or President's Circle Program or portions of the program at any time. Membership and qualification for Five Star or President's Circle depend on country of residency. Members who have enrolled for President’s Circle or Five Star status via this program will retain this benefit as long as they remain active Delta Medallion Members in good standing. The program may be terminated by Hertz upon six months’ notice to Members. Marketing offers and materials, including rental coupons, will only be provided to Members who permit Hertz to send marketing offers and materials.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards is a registered trademark of Hertz System, Inc. Above Terms and Conditions are applicable to U.S. Gold Plus Rewards members only.

Offer and benefits are subject to change at any time without notice.


Terms and Conditions for Cars Booked at

  • Delta’s online car rental booking engine is powered by Expedia and is accessible via, or directly at Delta Car Rentals
  • Standard Mileage Offer: Except with respect to the Hertz Mileage offer (listed below), SkyMiles Members will earn two (2) miles per eligible US$1 or equivalent foreign currency spent at on the base car rental rate for a completed car qualifying rental booking (“Qualifying Dollars”). A qualifying rental booking includes rentals at a participating location for one or more days at rates other than travel industry rates or discounts, wholesale of tour package rates or discounts, wholesale tour package rates, insurance/dealer replacement rates, corporate and government rates, group travel discounts, or rentals in conjunction with a frequent flyer car award, or other corporate agreements applicable to the respective car company.   Calculation of the applicable standard mileage offer is listed below by car rental company.
  • Qualifying Dollars include the base car rental rate is the cost of the car rental, before taxes and fees, charged at the time of booking. Taxes, fees, other incidental charges, or other booking charges or any element of the booking which is paid or reduced by redemption vouchers or discount codes are excluded from mileage credit are not included in the Qualifying Dollars.
  • Mileage can only be credited to the SkyMiles Member whose name appears on the credit card used for the reservation. First and last name on credit card must match with name on SkyMiles account provided. Miles will not be awarded for cancelled, no-show, or unpaid reservations.
  • SkyMiles number should be provided at the time of booking.
  • Only one SkyMiles number can be provided per booking.
  • Please allow up to 8 weeks after completion of eligible rental for miles to be deposited in SkyMiles account.
  • If mileage credit has not been recorded on your SkyMiles account within 8 weeks after qualifying activity occurs, please contact us and select: Request Refund or Miles > Mileage Credit > Partners
  • Requests for mileage credit will be accepted up to 6 months from the last day of the rental reservation.
  • Car rental bookings completed prior to enrollment into SkyMiles will not be eligible for mileage credit.

Calculation of Mileage Credit for Car Rentals

The standard mileage offer earned for car rentals booked at will be calculated as follows:

Hertz Reservations:

  • General SkyMiles Members earn 4 miles per Qualifying Dollar
  • Silver Medallions earn 5 miles per Qualifying Dollar
  • Gold Medallions earn 6 miles per Qualifying Dollar
  • Platinum Medallions earn 7 miles per Qualifying Dollar
  • Diamond Medallions earn 8 miles per Qualifying Dollar

Dollar and Thrifty Reservations:

  • All SkyMiles Members earn 4 miles per Qualifying Dollar

Alamo, Enterprise and National Reservations:

  • All SkyMiles Members earn 2 miles per Qualifying Dollar