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  • Can I change my itinerary online?

    Yes. Itineraries for travel in the United States and Canada can be changed online. Some tickets may require special handling by calling Delta Reservation Sales.

  • When I Change My Itinerary Online, Can I Pay For Penalties, Fees, Or Fare Difference With Another Document?

    Yes. Any electronic document, including unused tickets, may be used towards the amount due when changing your itinerary online.

  • If more than one passenger is traveling on my itinerary, can I change just my itinerary online?

    No. An online change applies to all passengers traveling in the same itinerary. If only one person needs to change his or her itinerary, contact Delta Reservation Sales.

  • I Made My Reservation At Delta.Com And I Can No Longer Make The Trip. Do I Need To Cancel The Reservation?

    Yes, you should cancel the reservation. If you have a refundable eTicket, you can request an Online Refund or call the number on the back of your SkyMiles membership card for assistance.

  • Can I Handle Same-Day Confirmed Itinerary Changes Online?

    Yes, on wholly domestic itineraries only.

  • Can I Transfer Ownership Of An Ecredit?

    Some types of eCredits are transferable, please refer to the Terms & Conditions for the specific eCredit. To transfer an eCredit to someone else, you'll need to provide them with the original 13 digit voucher number, complete name as it is printed on the voucher receipt and redemption code when applicable. Paper vouchers must be transferred in person at a Delta ticket counter or Ticket Office Location.

  • Are There Any Situations In Which My Seat Would Be Subject To Reassignment?

    Passengers with disabilities have priority seating, which results in the occasional need to change an assigned seat, with bulkhead seats being particularly subject to reassignment. We appreciate your cooperation in these special circumstances.