Special needs, what to do with your pets, how to travel with children and more.

Children Traveling Alone FAQs

Find answers to your questions about Delta's rules for children flying alone, adults flying with infants and infant seating rules. Children Traveling Alone FAQs

Flight Notifications FAQs

Discover options for staying on top of your itinerary through our flight notification programs. Flight Notifications FAQs

Pet Travel FAQs

Get the scoop on Delta's guidelines for pet travel before you pack your kennel. Learn about Delta's Pet First program for your cute critter. Pet Travel FAQs

Refunds FAQs

Have a question about refunding your ticket? Start here for more information. Refunds FAQs

Special Needs FAQs

We're here to make sure that passengers with special physical and medical conditions have a great flying experience. Learn how we assist you throughout your travel, from curbside to airplane. Special Needs FAQs

Your Itineraries FAQs

Questions about your itineraries? We have answers. Your Itineraries FAQs

TSA PreCheck FAQs

TSA PreCheckā„¢ allows select frequent flyers to receive expedited screening benefits during domestic travel. Learn more about the policies surrounding this program. TSA PreCheck FAQs

Global Entry™ FAQs

This government program will help you get through Customs faster. Global Entry™ FAQs

Special Meals FAQs

Questions about Special Meals? We have answers. Special Meals FAQs