Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is TSA Pre✓? 

    TSA Pre✓ offers expedited screening at airports across the U.S. and is part of a broader intelligence-driven, risk-based approach to security. The TSA Pre✓ initiative enhances aviation security and expedites the travel experience for individuals who are selected.

  • How Do I Add TSA Pre✓ To My Profile?

    Simply log in, visit Basic Info in your profile, and add your Known Traveler or PASS ID number (KTN/PASSID) that was issued if you enrolled in TSA Pre✓ or one of CBP’s Trusted Traveler Programs.

    Note that your KTN/PASSID must be saved to each of your existing reservations prior to check-in for each flight to be considered for TSA Pre✓ selection. Adding your KTN/PASSID to your profile will only affect future reservations.

    Passengers can increase their likelihood of being selected by participating in a CBP Trusted Traveler Program or completing the TSA Pre✓ application program. Learn more about the various Trusted Traveler Programs and which one may be right for you by visiting www.dhs.gov/tt.


    Because TSA always incorporates random security measures, customer selection for expedited screening through TSA Pre✓ is determined on a flight-by-flight basis. No one is guaranteed selection.

    In April, 2015, the TSA will implement updates to TSA Pre✓ and certain frequent flyers who have become accustomed to receiving TSA Pre✓ benefits without a KTN/PASSID may see a significant reduction in the number of times they are selected for expedited screening.

    Frequent flyers and other travelers who would like to receive TSA Pre✓ on a consistent basis are encouraged to enroll in a Trusted Traveler Program offered by TSA and/or CBP. Visit www.dhs.gov/tt for more information

  • What are the benefits of TSA Pre✓?

    Those eligible and selected by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to participate in TSA Pre✓ are directed to a dedicated screening lane, where they may not need to remove:

    • Shoes
    • 3-1-1 compliant bag from carry-on
    • Laptop from bag
    • Light outerwear/jacket
    • Belt

    In addition, passengers 12 years old and younger who are accompanied by eligible travelers may also access the TSA Pre✓ lanes.

  • Who is eligible for expedited screening through TSA Pre✓?

    All passengers are eligible for expedited screening based on the secure flight passenger data (SFPD) that airlines are required to send to the TSA. Your profile information must match exactly what is listed on your TSA Pre✓/CBP Trusted Traveler application, driver’s license or other government-issued ID. The TSA is responsible for selecting participants on a per-flight-segment basis.

    You may increase your likelihood of being selected for TSA Pre✓ by signing up for a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trusted Traveler Program, including Global EntrySENTRIopens in a new window and NEXUSopens in a new window, or by completing the TSA Pre✓ application program at a TSA Application Center. For more information on TSA Pre✓ and CBP Trusted Traveler Programs, please visit www.dhs.gov/ttopens in a new window.

    Although participants in the CBP's Trusted Traveler Programs (Global Entry, NEXUS and SENTRI) and TSA Pre✓ application program are eligible for expedited screening, no one is guaranteed it.

  • How can someone sign up to participate?

    There are several options available to ensure passengers are eligible to be selected for TSA Pre✓ on their next flight:

    1. Store your KTN or PASSID, if applicable , as part of your frequent flyer profile. The TSA will review this information on a flight-by-flight basis and use it to help determine who is selected.

    2. The TSA will use customer information supplied by the airline to determine eligibility.

    3. For passengers who travel internationally, a CBP Trusted Traveler Program such as Global Entry can increase your likelihood of being selected for TSA Pre✓ and provide expedited customs screening upon arrival into the U.S. Visit www.dhs.gov/tt to learn more.

    4. Passengers who do not fly internationally should consider the TSA Pre✓ application program to increase their chances of being selected. To participate in the TSA Pre✓ application program, customers must complete a pre-enrollment formopens in a new window online and then visit one of the TSA Application Centers across the country to finish the process. A fee of $85 is required for a five-year membership.

    Visit www.dhs.gov/tt or http://www.TSA.gov/tsa-precheck for additional resources and more information on how to increase your chances of being selected.

  • What Should I Do If I Registered To Participate And Provided My Information, But Am Not Being Chosen For Expedited Screening? 

    Passengers can increase their likelihood of being selected by participating in a CBP Trusted Traveler Program or completing the TSA Pre✓ application program. Ensure that your profile information matches exactly what is listed on your passport, driver’s license or other government-issued ID, and TSA Pre✓ or CBP Trusted Traveler Program enrollment (including your middle name, if applicable).

    Please note that the TSA, not Delta, selects individuals for expedited screening, and no individual can be guaranteed expedited screening.

  • At which airports does Delta participate in TSA Pre✓?

    Please visit the TSA's website to view a list of participating airports.

  • Will participants know in advance that they have been cleared for expedited screening?

    Yes. Customers will be able to find the pre-notification indicator “TSA PRECHK” on the boarding pass underneath the passenger name field. On mobile boarding passes, the TSA Pre✓ logo will appear at the top-right corner above the barcode. Please note that if you are eligible for TSA pre✓, the logo will appear on boarding passes throughout your itinerary, regardless of whether pre-screening lanes are available at your departure airport(s).

    In addition, the eligibility status will be embedded in the barcode of the boarding pass. The TSA will scan the barcode at TSA Pre✓ checkpoints as a final determination of the customer’s eligibility status.

  • Are travel companions eligible for TSA Pre✓ as well?

    Passengers who do not meet the necessary requirements are not eligible to participate at this time. However, passengers 12 years old and younger who are accompanied by eligible travelers are allowed through TSA Pre✓ lanes as part of the TSA's modified screening procedures.

  • What will the TSA do as part of the "pre-screening" of participants?

    For security reasons, the TSA cannot provide specifics about screening procedures. Volunteered participant information is used to make an intelligence-driven risk assessment that could allow some travelers to qualify for expedited screening.