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  • Delta offers a variety of special meal options for customers with specific dietary, religious, medical or medical and personal preference needs.  Please refer to Delta‚Äôs special meal listing to view available meals. Special meals are not available on flights originating from ELP, ABQ, or TUS. Special meal availability may also vary depending upon regional catering capabilities.  

  • Delta offers special meals for customers with specific dietary, religious or medical needs.
    Customers with special meal requirements can place an order for a special meal up to 24 hours prior to departure by selecting Special Service Request (SSR) on delta.com, or through Delta Reservations or an independent travel agent.

  • Yes. To better ensure the special meal request will be fulfilled; the customer should re-request the meal when any voluntary changes are made to a reservation. To confirm the special meal, please contact Delta Reservations.

  • If there is an irregular operation event and the new flight is less than 24 hours from the previous flight; Delta cannot guarantee that the special meal will be automatically transferred on the new flight.
    If the new flight is more than 24 hours in advance of the original flight, then the customer will need to re-request the special meal. For a schedule change, make sure the special meal is re-requested at least 24 hours in advance of the new flight.
    Please contact Delta Reservations to request or confirm a special meal.

  • A special meal request for a Delta flight made with another carrier will not be applied to the Delta segment of a reservation.
    To better ensure that the special meal request is applied to both the Delta and Joint Venture (JV) Partner flight segment, please call the applicable airline Sales Support or Reservations team to request a special meal for each flight segment.

  • Yes. Delta cannot process one special meal request for the entire group.
    Only one special meal can be requested per person. For a reservation that includes more than one person, be sure to individually request a special meal for each customer.

  • Upon arrival to the departure gate area, Delta recommends that each customer confirms with the gate agent that their special meal has been requested.