If you would like to check the status of your refund or to request a refund of your travel and any items purchased for your trip, please click one of the following.

Request a Refund for an Upcoming Trip

Request a Refund for Unused Tickets or Other Trip Purchases

Check My Refund Status

All refund requests are subject to the rules of ticketed fare, and fees or penalties may apply to your refund. Your itinerary will be CANCELLED at the time the refund is processed.

Delta will issue refunds for eligible tickets within seven business days for credit/debit card purchases. The refund may take up to two billing cycles before it is reflected on your credit/debit card statement. Refunds for eligible tickets purchased with cash or check will be processed within 20 business days from when your request is processed.

NOTE: Delta is not able to refund international tickets purchased through travel agencies. Please contact your travel agency to request a refund.