Suspended Travel FAQs

In rare instances, it may be necessary to temporarily interrupt your travel plans. In these cases, we'll do everything we can to make sure we get your travel back on track with as little inconvenience as possible. We'll also make sure you have complete and timely information so you know your options.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our policies and procedures for taking care of passengers who have had their travel plans temporarily interrupted. If your question or comment has not been addressed, feel free to contact us.

  • How does an Oversold Situation Happen?

    Every major airline accepts more reservations for flights than it has seats available. This practice is known as overbooking. Flights are overbooked because a certain percentage of passengers are expected to be "no-shows." This means they change their travel plans but do not cancel their reservations.

    If airlines only booked reservations according to the number of seats on a plane, then flights would leave with empty seats and people who would have wanted those seats would be left having to find other options. To avoid this situation, the airline industry monitors no-show trends and books reservations to meet the expected passenger load. But even with the best forecasting techniques, sometimes more customers show up than were expected. The result is an oversold flight.

  • How does Delta Handle an Oversold Flight?

    In the event that a flight is oversold, we ask if there are any customers who are interested in voluntarily giving up their seats in exchange for compensation and a seat on a later flight. Volunteers receive Delta Dollars transportation eCredits that can be used toward the purchase of another Delta airline ticket to the destination of their choice, or for other travel-related services.

  • What Happens if there are not Enough Volunteers?

    If there aren't enough volunteers, we have to rebook one or more customers on another flight involuntarily. We provide a notice to any customer who is involuntarily denied boarding. This notice explains Delta's obligations to you, and the amount of cash compensation that you will receive under guidelines of the U.S. Department of Transportation. If you are involuntarily denied boarding, Delta will rebook you on the first available Delta flight to your ticketed destination. If a Delta flight is not available, we will strive to provide comparable accommodations on another airline with which we have a ticketing agreement.

  • What are Delta Dollars?

    Delta Dollars are transportation eCredits that can be used to compensate customers who have given up their seats on overbooked flights. Every airport location has information on Delta Dollars and on compensation for denied boarding.

    The Delta Dollar transportation vouchers are good toward the purchase of any published fare on Delta Air Lines, Delta Shuttle™, Connection Carriers, and Delta designated codeshare flights. They are only valid for the payment of tickets and government-imposed taxes and fees. They are not valid towards other types of fees, and they do not have any cash value.

    If the cost of the ticket is less than the value of the voucher, any remaining value will be credited to a new Delta Dollar voucher in the name of the original recipient.

    Please review the complete Terms & Conditions, which may vary per voucher.

  • How can I Learn if a Flight is Overbooked?

    Our reservations representatives and customer service agents will let you know if your flight is overbooked, on request.

  • What Steps are Planned to Manage Overbooked Flights?

    We are upgrading our computer system to provide more accurate forecasts of the demand for our services and the expected number of no-shows on flights.

  • If I'm Bumped and Decide not to Travel, can I get a Refund?   

    Yes. If you're bumped and decide not to travel, we will refund the full value of your unused flight coupons. You are also entitled to a refund of all ancillary fees for optional services.

  • If I am at the Airport, How Will I Learn About a Delay?

    Our gate agents and flight crews will provide consistent, timely updates on the status of your flight and the causes of the delay. Updated information is also posted at the airport's flight information display screens.

  • Will you Rebook me on Another Flight if there is a Known Delay?

    Yes. We will notify you of any known delay prior to boarding. In cases where delays are of significant duration, you may have the option of not boarding, and Delta will rebook you without penalty.

  • Where can I get more Information?

    You can access real-time flight information by calling 800-325-1999, or by checking Flight Status online (see link at top of page) or on the Fly Delta app.

  • What do you Provide for your Customers who are Delayed Overnight due to a Delay or Cancellation within Delta's Control?

    When customers who are away from their home or destination are inconvenienced overnight due to a delay or cancellation within Delta's control, we will provide hotel accommodations at Delta contracted facilities, based on availability.

  • What is a Delta Contracted Facility, and a Delta Contracted Rate?

    A Delta contracted facility is a hotel that meets Delta's quality standards, and has a contract with Delta to accept hotel vouchers at a pre-determined rate.

  • What if no Hotel Rooms are Available at Delta Contracted Facilities, at Delta Contracted Rates?

    If Delta is unable to secure a hotel room for a customer at a Delta contracted facility, at the Delta contracted rate, you will receive a Transportation Credit Voucher that is equal in value to the Delta contracted hotel rate for that city and may be used toward future Delta transportation and most travel-related services.

  • What if I Find my Own Hotel Room at a Non-Contracted Facility?

    We will provide you with a Transportation Credit Voucher.

  • What if I Find a Room at a Delta Contracted Facility at a Higher Rate than the Delta Contracted Rate? 

    There are two options:

    • We can issue you a hotel voucher for the contracted rate and you are then responsible for any additional cost, or;
    • We can provide you with a Transportation Credit Voucher.
  • What if more than one Person is Traveling in the Party?

    Families generally share hotel rooms, so only one hotel voucher will be issued for each room that is used. In the event that we are unable to provide hotel accommodations at a contracted hotel each ticketed passenger will receive a Transportation Credit Voucher.