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  • Why Did Delta Change Its Product Offerings?

    We have invested in improvements throughout the customer experience for greater comfort and continued productivity. It is our goal to provide customers with more choices, enabling them to find the one that best fits their travel needs.

  • Is Delta Comfort+® The Same As Economy Comfort™?

    No, Delta Comfort+ is a new class of comfort with upgraded amenities like Sky Priority® boarding, complimentary beer, wine and spirits, and premium snacks on longer flights — and of course, extra legroom.

  • Where Can I Buy A Delta Comfort+® Seat?

    You can purchase a Delta Comfort+ seat at the time of booking, as well as at any time after ticketing (based on availability). Delta Comfort+ seats may be purchased through delta.com, the Fly Delta app, a Delta kiosk, or a ticketing agent.

  • Can I Use Existing Credits Or Miles To Upgrade To Delta Comfort+®?

    Miles, eCredits and residual ticket values are not valid for Delta Comfort+ upgrades at this time.

  • If I Change My Flight After Purchasing A Delta Comfort+® Seat, Will I Still Be Able To Enjoy Delta Comfort+ On My New Flight?

    Delta Comfort+ is nonrefundable and must be used on the flight for which it was purchased. However, if there is an involuntary change to your flight and we are unable to provide you with an equal or better seat, you may receive a refund.

  • I Noticed An Empty Delta Comfort+® Seat On My Flight. Can I Move To It?

    No, customers may not select complimentary Delta Comfort+ seats while on board, regardless of elite status or fare class.

  • Is Basic Economy A Cabin?     

    No, customers travelling on a Basic Economy fare will experience Delta’s higher standards for economy travel in the Main Cabin, which offers Wi-Fi and complimentary in-flight entertainment where available, snacks, and more.

  • Can I Upgrade To Delta Comfort+® While On Board?

    You may purchase Delta Comfort+ upgrades on board select international flights (based on availability). However, customers may not select complimentary Delta Comfort+ seats while on board, regardless of elite status or fare class.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing A Main Cabin Ticket When Basic Economy Is Available?

    A Main Cabin ticket offers more flexibility than the Basic Economy fare. In the Main Cabin, customers are eligible to select an available seat in advance and change their ticket when necessary. This includes Delta’s Same-Day Confirmed and Same-Day Standby changes, as well as the option to upgrade to paid or complimentary Preferred Seats, Delta Comfort+® seats, First Class or Delta One®.

  • How Will My Experience In The Main Cabin Be Different From When I Flew Coach Or Economy?

    The Main Cabin reflects our high standards for economy travel and offers Wi-Fi and complimentary in-flight entertainment where available, snacks, and more.

  • If I Purchase A Basic Economy Ticket, Can I Add Other Products Later?

    No, Basic Economy caters to customers who, first and foremost, want a great value. By purchasing a Basic Economy fare, customers forgo flexibility and are not permitted to upgrade.

  • If I Purchase A Basic Economy Seat, Can I Upgrade To Delta Comfort+®?

    No, customers who select a Basic Economy fare cannot purchase or select Delta Comfort+ seats. This includes Medallion® members.

  • Where can I find out about food and movie service on Delta flights?

    For more information about food service on Delta flights, including snacks or special meals for customers with specific dietary concerns or restrictions, take a look at Dining. If your flight has movie service, you can find out which movie(s) will be shown by checking Entertainment

  • What Types Of Entertainment Does Delta Offer?

    Delta offers industry-leading entertainment options through Delta StudioTM You can stream movies and TV shows to your laptop, iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ tablet including the latest movies, live satellite TV, HBO®, SHOWTIME®, games and thousands of songs. All content is free for First Class, Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin customers; on international flights with seat-back screens, all selections are free. Domestic Main Cabin customers will enjoy more free content than ever before as well as a variety of premium content. Entertainment options may vary by aircraft and route. Check our listings to make sure your aircraft or route is included. Visit Entertainmentopens in a new window for more information.

  • How Do I Make Purchases Onboard Flights?

    For purchases onboard Delta flights, we only accept credit and debit cards. Debit cards must bear a major credit card logo to be valid for acceptance. Cash, ATM cards and Gift Cards are not accepted. For purchases onboard Delta Connection flights with single class service, only cash is accepted.

  • For more information on Complimentary Upgrades to Delta Comfort+, visit Delta Comfort+ FAQs.