FAQs - Portable Electronic Devices

Stay powered on and entertained now that you can use your portable electronic devices (PEDs) below 10,000 feet on international flights, and domestic ones too. Enjoy your e-readers, tablets and smartphones in airplane mode from gate to gate, coast to coast and continent to continent.

Portable Electronic Devices

  • Will I Be Able To Use Portable Electronic Devices On All Delta Flights?

    Approved PEDs now may be used from gate to gate on the vast majority of worldwide Delta flights. On flights arriving to and departing from Singapore and Jamaica, all PEDs must be turned off and stowed prior to pushback and while the aircraft is below 10,000 feet. Customers will be advised onboard by flight crews of these and any other exceptions.

  • Which Devices Can I Use During All Phases Of Flight?

    You may use the following devices from gate to gate on Delta and Delta Connection flights:

    • AM/FM or satellite radios
    • digital and video cameras
    • calculators
    • Delta-installed equipment such as in-flight entertainment systems
    • DVD players*
    • e-readers
    • electric shavers
    • electronic/digital watches
    • global positioning system (GPS) receivers
    • handheld computer games
    • headphones
    • laptop computers*
    • medical devices**, ***
    • noise reduction headphones
    • portable media players*
    • pagers
    • smartphones and any device with cellular network service must be turned off or in airplane mode
    • tablets and wireless keyboards or mouse

    PED use on the ground and during takeoff and landing should be limited to small, lightweight devices less than 2 lbs. These devices should be of a size that could easily be secured in a seat pocket without exceeding the designed weight capacity of 3 lbs. including all contents of seat pocket (safety card, Sky magazine, airsickness bag) and not impede emergency egress to the aisle.

    * DVD players, laptop computers, and other devices that exceed the size/weight restrictions must be stowed for taxi, takeoff and landing.

    ** Medical devices including the following items may be used during all phases of flight: hearing aids; heart monitors; heart pacemakers and other implanted medical devices; insulin pumps; nebulizers/vaporizers; approved portable oxygen concentrators; approved respirators/ventilators; approved sleep apnea machines.

    ***Delta does not provide any onboard power sources for medical devices. The customer is responsible for providing batteries with enough life to support the trip they are on.

  • Will I Be Able To Use Satellite-Based Wi-Fi On Delta’s International Flights Below 10,000 Feet? 

    No. The FAA allows Wi-Fi use only upon reaching an altitude of 10,000 feet. Plus, current air-to-ground Wi-Fi systems through Gogo are not optimized for service below 10,000 feet, in part because the system uses cellular towers on the ground.

  • Why Is Delta Able To Make This Change?

    FAA regulations regarding the use of PEDs during flight have essentially remained unchanged since the 1960s. This has increasingly become more challenging due to changes in technology and passenger expectations. Today, the FAA allows carriers to expand PED use as long as the proper testing and analysis is conducted.

    We have completed testing to ensure the safe operation of passenger portable electronic devices during all phases of flight.


  • When Did Delta Begin Offering Wi-Fi Onboard Its Aircraft?

    Delta launched Gogo Inflight Internet service on December 16, 2008.

  • What Is The Cost To Use Wi-Fi Onboard A Delta Flight?

    For pricing, visit delta.com/wifi.

  • Who Provides Delta’s Inflight Wi-Fi Service?

    Delta partners with Gogo, the world’s leading provider of airborne communications, to provide you with an industry-leading in-flight Wi-Fi experience. More information is available at delta.com/wifi.

  • How Can I Find Out More Information About Wi-Fi On Board Delta Flights?

    Visit delta.com/wifi for more information

  • Are there any websites I can access for free?

    We want it to be easy for you to connect with us at any point during your travels, so our Fly Delta app and any page on delta.com can be accessed in-flight Wi-Fi for free.

  • When Can I Use In-Flight Wi-Fi?

    You can access in-flight Wi-Fi as soon as your flight reaches 10,000 feet.

  • Do You Anticipate In-Flight Wi-Fi Use Below 10,000 Feet In The Future?

    At present, the FAA only allows Wi-Fi use only upon reaching 10,000 feet. Current air-to-ground Wi-Fi systems through Gogo are not optimized for service below 10,000 feet, in part because the system uses cellular towers on the ground. The plans for Wi-Fi service on Delta’s international flights use a satellite-based system that could feasibly be used by passengers below 10,000 feet, if the FAA were to approve it.

  • Where Is Delta’s In-Flight Wi-Fi Service Available?

    In-flight Wi-Fi is available on domestic flights, as well as on select flights as far north as Anchorage, and about 100 miles beyond the United States border. Although some current international flights may be Gogo-equipped, Internet access will only be provided while in the in-flight Wi-Fi coverage area.

    By the end of 2015, you will be able to use Wi-fi on more than 950 international aircraft.

  • How Do I Know If My Flight Has Wi-Fi Available?

    You may look for an indicator for Wi-fi and other in-flight amenities during the booking process on delta.com. On board, flight attendants will announce when an aircraft is Wi-Fi equipped, and you’ll see visual indications on seatback cards and overhead placards.

Onboard Power & Seating

  • How Can I Charge My Device On Board Delta Flights?

    Depending on the type of aircraft and where you sit, you have a few options. 110-volt outlets provide power to charge laptops and tablets. USB outlets provide power to charge small electronic devices, such as a mobile phone, camera or iPod.

    Delta does not provide any onboard power sources for medical devices. The customer is responsible for providing batteries with enough life to support the trip they are on.

    International Aircraft

    Power up on your next international flight. You'll find AC 110 volt power outlets available at all Delta One® seats in A330, 747-400, 757, 767-300ER, 767-400ER, and 777 aircraft. These outlets are also available in the first 10 rows of Main Cabin on A330, 767-400ER and 777 aircraft, as well as select 757 and 767-300ER aircraft.

    Domestic Aircraft

    Turn your next trip into a power trip. Standard power outlets are available at First Class seats on select 737 and 757 aircraft, and all 767-300 aircraft.

    USB Ports

    Looking to hook in? USB ports are available at all seats on 737-700, 737-800, 757-200, 767-300, 767-400ER, and 777-200ER and LR aircraft that feature Delta on Demand.

  • Does Delta Have Plans To Increase Seating Space To Accommodate Laptops?

    As laptop models continue to get smaller as technology evolves, most seats can now accommodate laptops. As such, we do not have plans to change seating configuration.

  • Can I Pay More For A Seat With More Space?

    As a SkyMiles Medallion member, you’ll receive complimentary upgrades to First Class when space is available. Also, Delta Comfort+® seats are available for purchase from the time of reservation until the time you check in for your flight.