Checking In FAQs

Unless flying is like second nature to you, traveling day can be a little stressful. From checking in online to printing your boarding pass to arriving at the airport on time, here's everything you need to do to make sure your trip starts off on the right track.

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  • What Is Online Check-In And Can I Use It?

    Online Check-in allows you to bypass lines at the airport by printing your boarding passes online. You can use this service if you have an eTicket for any flight on Delta, Delta Connection®, Delta Shuttle®, and when connecting on Delta's Through Check-in partners.

    Visit from 24 hours to 30 minutes* prior to a domestic flight within the U.S. or 60 minutes* prior to an international flight, go to Check In, and follow the simple instructions.

    To access your itinerary, you will need one of the following:

    • A SkyMiles number and Password
    • A confirmation number
    • The eTicket number on your ticket
    • The credit card number used to pay for your ticket

    *Please note, some airports may have check-in requirement time exceptions.  The above timeframes are the minimum allowed, but it is recommended that you arrive at the airport 75 minutes prior to departure for domestic U.S. flights, and 3 hours prior to departure for international flights.

  • Can I Use Online Check-In If I Purchased My Ticket From A Travel Agency Or Online Agency?

    Yes, eTickets issued by any source can be used.

  • What If I Have Connecting Flights?

    No problem. You will receive a separate boarding document for each of your flights when you check in.

  • What If I Have Baggage To Check?

    If you have baggage to check, check in online. You can check and pay for excess baggage all at the same time. Once at the airport, drop your bags at any curbside check-in or baggage drop location. Baggage check-in time requirements vary by airport. Please review our Check-in Requirements  for complete information.

  • When I Am Waitlisted For First Class, Will I Also Need To Put Myself On The Active Standby List For An Upgrade?

    Yes. Currently, you'll need to check in at the airport to put yourself on the active standby list for an upgrade when you are waitlisted for First Class.

  • What If I Want To Stand By For A Medallion Upgrade?

    Medallion members can request a Medallion upgrade within their applicable time frames at time of purchase and use Online Check-in. Passengers who have not requested an upgrade at the time of purchase can request an upgrade during Online Check-in.

    Please note, Basic Economy fares are not eligible for paid or complimentary upgrades, regardless of Medallion or other elite status.

  • What Do I Do Upon Arriving At The Airport?

    If you have no bags to check, you can proceed directly to Security with your boarding document and photo ID, then right to your departure gate where you simply wait for boarding to begin. In some international cities, you will need to stop in the lobby for a departure card prior to proceeding to security. Baggage check-in time requirements vary by airport. Please review Check-in Requirements  for complete information.

  • When I Use Online Check-In, When Do I Need To Be At The Gate?

    You should arrive at the boarding gate at least 15 minutes before your departure time for a domestic flight and 45 minutes if you are traveling on an international flight. Baggage check-in time requirements vary by airport. Please review Check-in Requirements   for complete information. Medallion members will likely want to take advantage of early boarding, at which time more carry-on space is available.

  • Which Boarding Documents Will I Receive?

    You may receive any of the following, singly or in combination:

    • Boarding pass — allows you to board the plane
    • Seat request card — allows you to be placed on a standby list if a seat on your flight is unavailable
    • Connection information document — provides access through airport security checkpoints, but does not check you in, place you on the standby list, or allow you to board the aircraft. You must check in with the operating carrier at time of departure
  • What Should I Do If Some Of The Images On The Boarding Pass Are Not Appearing?

    These images are required as they contain the bar codes required to check you in. They may not completely load for many reasons, including browser type or settings, computer system resources, and Internet communication problems. If this problem occurs, we recommend that you reload or refresh your browser to reload the page. You can also reprint your boarding pass at an airport kiosk.

  • Parts Of My Boarding Pass Are Cut Off When I Print It. Is This OK?

    The boarding pass on your printout must appear fully on one page in order to check in. If parts of your page are missing or printing on more than one sheet of paper, we recommend that you change your Page Setup and set your margins to not exceed 1" and print your page in portrait mode.

  • Are There Any Other Printer Settings I Should Be Concerned About?

    You must use a printer that can print a minimum of 300 dpi and have your print quality set to normal or better. The majority of inkjet and laser printers fall into this category, but if you are unsure of your printer quality we recommend that you check your printer documentation. Special paper or ink is not required.

  • What Should I Do If I Am Not Able To Print My Boarding Pass?

    You can print one at an airport kiosk or see a Delta representative at the airport.

  • I Forgot To Print My Boarding Pass After I Checked In On Delta.Com. What Should I Do? 

    You can start Online Check-in again to print your boarding pass or print one at an airport kiosk.  You can also use the Fly Delta app to use an eBoarding Pass. You must have a boarding pass and photo ID to pass through security.

  • If My Flight Is Operated By An Airline Other Than Delta, Can I Use Online Check-In? 

    You need to check in with the operating airline of the first flight in your trip. If your first flight is operated by an airline other than Delta or Delta Connection and you are not able to check in on, you will be advised of the name of the airline where you need to check-in. For some of our partners, you will be redirected to their website from check-in.

  • My Flight Is Operated By A Delta Codeshare Partner. Where Do I Check In?

    If you're traveling as a Delta customer on one of our codeshare partners, you will need to check in with that airline carrier.