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From beginning to end, Delta and Korean Air give you access to more destinations, benefits and a seamless travel experience when flying between the U.S. and Asia. 

Whether it’s your next business trip or a long-awaited getaway, we are here to help you prepare so you know what to expect on your next flight.  

The Latest Korean Air News 

  • The two companies hosted a Joint Venture conference highlighting mutual support of corporate and agency customers as travel demand recovers
  • The event highlights the Joint Venture cooperation and commitment entering the 5th year of Joint Venture partnership

Delta Air Lines and Korean Air Joint Venture hosted the first joint in-person event in the last three years at the Seoul Plaza Hotel. Over 100 Corporate and Agency customers from Korea and across the Asia region gathered to learn more about the strength of the Delta and Korean Air joint venture and airline industry recovery.

Special guests included U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg and Korean Air’s President Keehong Woo. Leaders from Delta and Korean Air Joint Venture engaged with customers on the re-building of the leading Transpacific network and creating the best customer journey as travel demand continues to recover with the lifting of restrictions in Korea and the rest of Asia.  

"During the pandemic, Delta and Korean Air worked closely together to focus on strengthening the benefits that we provide to our mutual customers,” said Bob Somers, Delta's Senior Vice President, Global Sales. “And now, as recovery continues and markets in Asia continue to reopen, we remain committed to delivering an innovative, personalized and seamless experience each time a customer flies with us.”

Keehong Woo, Korean Air's President, added, "Over the past two years, the aviation industry's ecosystem was hugely affected due to the pandemic and many have gone through difficult times. Once again I'd like to send a message of comfort and encouragement. We have been dealing with the travel demand recovery by expanding our routes and will continue to provide comfortable experiences to both leisure and business travelers."

In May 2018, Delta and Korean Air created the leading transpacific joint venture with goal to grow the U.S. to Asia network and provide the best customer travel experience at the leading Seoul-Incheon Hub.