Claim Miles FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about claiming miles you've purchased, received, or given as a gift or reward.


Claim Miles FAQs

  • How Can I Claim The Miles I Received From A Paper Certificate, E-Card Or Email?

    To claim milesopens in a new window, enter your unique certificate/redemption/claim code, name, email address, and SkyMiles number. The miles will be deposited into your account in 24–48 hours.


  • How Can Miles Be Used For Travel Or Other Awards?

    Visit Use Miles for information on Award Travel and redemption options.


  • Are Purchased Miles Different From The Miles I Earn When I Fly? Do They Count Toward Medallion® Status? 

    Yes. Purchased miles are "Buy Miles" products; and do not count toward qualification for any Medallion or Million Miler status.

    However, purchased miles are redeemable for Award Travel, upgrades, and non-travel benefits. (See the Membership Guide & Program Rules for details.)



  • What Is My Claim Code And Where Can I Find It?

    Your Claim Code (or Certificate Code or Redemption Code) is the unique combination of letters and numbers that is specific to your mileage gift or purchase. This code can be found on the certificate, email, or e-card you received. This unique code can only be redeemed once and can be redeemed by anyone so be sure to keep it in a safe place and claim your miles as soon as possible.



  • Can My Miles Be Claimed By Another Person?

    Yes. We urge you to protect your unique claim code and keep it in a safe place. Claim your milesopens in a new window as soon as possible. If you have not yet claimed your miles, you may give your miles as a gift to another person by providing them with the unique Claim Code. However, the sale, purchase via non-Delta authorized channels, or barter of mileage credits, awards, or certificates violates Delta's SkyMiles Membership Rules & Conditions, is illegal, and subjects the violator to liability for damages, litigation and transaction costs. The Claim Code may only be redeemed once so be sure to claim your miles as soon as possible or keep the code in a safe place if you wish to keep the miles for yourself.


  • How Long Will It Take For The Miles To Post To My Account?

    If you were notified electronically (email or e-card), the miles should post within 24–48 hours after claiming your milesopens in a new window. If you were awarded the miles with paper certificate(s), and you chose to redeem your miles online, the miles will post within 24–48 hours. However, if you choose to mail in the certificate(s) via US mail instead of redeeming the miles electronically, the miles should post within 6–8 weeks after we receive your redemption information. You can check your SkyMiles balance any time.


  • Can I Replace Lost Skymiles Certificates?

    No. Lost or stolen certificates cannot be returned or replaced. The certificate and its unique redemption/claim code may only be redeemed once and has no cash or refund value. Certificates will be deemed fully used once mileage has been credited to a SkyMiles account, and once surrendered, may not be recovered, regained or reissued.



  • Can I Sell My Skymiles Or Skymiles Incentives Certificates?

    No. SkyMiles or SkyMiles Incentives paper certificates and electronic certificate miles will be void if sold or bartered.


  • Is There A Maximum Number Of Miles I Can Receive?

    Yes. You can receive a maximum of 30,000 miles from an individual in one calendar year. If you exceed the annual limit, you will receive an email notification explaining that you may wait until the next calendar year to claim your miles or you may give the miles to another SkyMiles member.



  • Why Do You Ask For My Email Address?

    We collect your email address in order to send you a confirmation of your award. Your email address is only used for this transaction. However, you can receive special offers from Delta by updating your Profile. 



  • Is The Personal Information I Provide Through This Transaction Confidential?

    Your personal information is treated confidentially in accordance with our Privacy Policy


  • Do I have to be a SkyMiles member to claim miles given to me?

    Yes, you have to be a SkyMiles member to claim any miles given to you. If you're not a member, you can enroll now