Account Activity FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Account Activity. If your question or comment has not been addressed, feel free to email us.

Account Activity FAQS

  • What is the Insider statement email?

    The Insider statement email is a summary of your SkyMiles account activity that can be viewed at You receive an email at the beginning of each month reminding you to check your activity from the previous month. This email will contain special Delta news and program information as well as valuable partner offers available exclusively to SkyMiles members.

  • What Are The Advantages Of Choosing To Access My Account Activity Online?

    There are numerous advantages to reviewing your SkyMiles account activity online, including:

    • ability to filter your account activity by category or date
    • 24-hour availability
    • no paper to file
    • links to various Delta and SkyMiles partner offers
  • How Do I Begin Receiving My Insider Statement Email?

    There are two pages at where you can sign up to review your Insider Statement email:

    • View My Profile—Open the Notificationsopens in a new window section, and be sure that the checkbox for Your SkMiles Statement is selected.The Insider Statement will be sent to the email address on file for your account. If you haven't provided us with an email address, you must first enter an email address in the Basic Infoopens in a new window section of your profile.
    • SkyMiles Enrollment Page—You can also sign up when you initially enroll to become a member of the SkyMiles program. Go to SkyMiles Enrollmentopens in a new window. As you work through the online enrollment process, be sure to check the box that reads “I would like to receive special offers, promotions, travel & SkyMiles information via email then click CONTINUE.
  • When Can I Review My Account Activity?

    You can view your Account Activity online at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • What Are Some Possible Reasons I Might Not Receive My Insider Statement Email?

    The most likely reason for not receiving your reminder email is that we have an incorrect email address for you. It may be that the address was submitted improperly or that your email address has changed. Another reason you may not receive your reminder email is because the server that delivers/receives the email may be down. Should this occur, we will not continue to resend you an email.

  • What Do I Do If I Don't Receive My Monthly Insider Statement Email? 

    If you do not receive your Monthly Insider statement email, go to Profileopens in a new window, and check your email address in the Notifications section. Be sure to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to ensure your information is submitted properly. And remember, you can still check your SkyMiles account activity online at any time.

  • Will I Receive My Monthly Insider Statement Email Even If I Don't Have Any Skymiles Activity During The Previous Month?

    Domestic customers will receive an Insider statement email each month if they are opted-in to the SkyMiles Statement Email Preference and incurred a SkyMiles mileage balance change for the month in which the statement applies. Mileage balance changes can be a result of flight activity, partner activity, using miles, miles being transferred, and more.  

    All international customers will receive the Insider statement email on a quarterly basis if they are opted-in to the SkyMiles Statement Email Preference.

  • How Do I Change My Email Address?

    If your email address changes, visit your profileopens in a new window  and open the Basic Info section to update your email address. Remember to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to make sure your information is submitted properly.

  • How Can I Unsubscribe From Insider Statement Emails?

    Go to your profileopens in a new window and open the Notifications section, unselect the checkbox beside Your SkyMiles Statement. Be sure to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to ensure your information is submitted properly. You can also click on the "unsubscribe" text in your reminder email, which takes you to your profile.

  • Do I Have To Receive The Reminder Email? Why Can't I Just Check My Account Activity Whenever I Want?

    This email enables Delta to advise you of all the valuable SkyMiles offers you are entitled to. However, you don't need to wait until you get the reminder email to check your account activity; you can view your activity at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week