Flights to Providence


Situated on the banks of the Providence River, Providence is the capital city of the smallest state in the nation. But the state's small size has dreamed big in this thriving art town that has grown into a collegiate, gastronomic and museum-centric destination, all the while keeping its New England poise.

Though Providence is a buttoned-up capital city, it also functions as a college town. Home to Brown University, Providence and its fall foliage can best be seen touring the pristine walkways of the university. Take a tour to learn about the Ivy League institution that has been around since 1764. The Rhode Island School of Design also has a vestige in the city. Students show off their artwork in the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art, so walk the hallways to see a masterpiece from the next great artist.

Providence has one of the oldest zoos in the country. The Roger Williams Park Zoo expands over 40 acres. Here, animal lovers can take part in animal feedings to get up close with the some of the zoo's finest stars. If you'd rather watch from a distance, you can still take in the majesty of Dromedary camels, snow leopards, Chinese alligators and African elephants.

Though Providence has always been known for its plentiful seafood, the food scene has become even more impressive in recent years. Nicks on Broadway is the perfect example of this. A town favorite that has mastered local seasonal foods, Nicks charms for breakfast and dazzles for lunch and dinner.

Any foodie who knows her salt will like to visit the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales University. This is the place where Emeril Lagasse and other well-known chefs got their chops. It may be a bit off the beaten path, but it's well worth the trip.